Help with GW nodes 11-12 at level 76


For the past few days I have ran into some rather hard Galactic War nodes on 11th and 12th nodes. I'm currently level 76 and I have no idea what kind of a team I should be working on in order to beat these kind of nodes that somehow now seem rather frequent.

I have mainly been using Phoenix to get them ready for next round of Thrawn and EP events since I only got them to 5 star the last time around.



Is this normal for GW at my level to face teams like these?

Is there anything I can do to make the last GW nodes easier or is there some team set-up which would actually give me some sort of chance to take these kind of teams on?


  • Waqui
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    GW is designed to be a challenge during mid game. You will still be able to complete it now and then, but don't expect to be able to complete it every day until you're level 85 and have a somewhat more developed roster. The difficulty caps at some point after which it will become easier and easier until you will be able to sim it.

    Using Phoenix team against zEP lead + palpatine is suicide. They have many anti—rebel and anti—jedi abilities. When you get Thrawn and EP to 7* you will be able to create your own strong empire team to use in these situations. It will also unlock R2D2.

    Furthermore, during the first few easy nodes, people often load their secondary/alternative teams with turn meter to gain an advantage, when they reach the final few nodes.
  • Rath_Tarr
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    Normal for TW I'm afraid - you should see the ones I get sometimes at 85.

    They actually foreshadow your future of abandoning Phoenix in favor of an Empire / Jedi meta team and relegating your Phoenix squad to a B-team.
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