Looking for my fleet shard chat. October 2018

Hi people,

I’ll be in top 10 or 20 in fleet arena starting today and was looking for my fleet shard chat.

Feel free to message me. I don’t want to rock the boat...happy to cooperate with the group 😀

Some of the top ranked players in my fleet are:
Zalandas gosular
BH Hondo

And some of the guilds with multiple top players are:
The Finalizer
Nest of Gundarks (tier 4)
The Grey Ghosts

Thanks and I hope to make contact!


  • Ultra
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    You have more than enough information to find them yourself
  • That’s what I was trying to do here...find them. I’m new to shard chats. Where do I go to find them myself?
  • There is a ShoNuff currently sitting at 20 in my fleet shard but I don't recognize any of the other names so I think it's a different account with the same name. Are those the top 20 in your shard currently?
  • 2smooth
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    You r definitely in new shard because I c starter guilds there. There is no chard chat in my fleet in on lvl 83 I rocked the boat all the way to the top which is the best way ima lol and most in top 20 will become less active and drop lower as u reach lvl 85 would serve no purpose having shard chat with those that don’t play. But on another note actually created what u could call the first steps of potential shard chat by adding another player at top after beating in arena. We have a common opponent that has a bosk and help out each other the F2P way so we can collect r shards at the top without interference.
  • Hey, I know this was from a while ago, but I am in that shard. I’ve been trying to find the group chat as well
  • Lol its been a real long time.... Any luck? I'm in the same shard
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