Punishing One Kit Idea


Punishing One
Dark Side, Attacker, Bounty Hunter, Scoundrel

Crew: Dengar

Basic: Deal physical damage to target enemy and inflict target lock for 2 turns, with a 50% chance to gain potency up for 2 turns. Breached enemies can’t evade or counter this attack.

Special 1: Grant all allies offense up and heal over time for 2 turns. Gain 10% turn meter for each breached enemy. Target locked enemies lose 50% turn meter. (Cooldown 3)

Special 2: Deal physical damage to target enemy and inflict breach for 3 turns. This attack calls one random ally to assist for each status effect on the target. (Cooldown 4)

Unique (crew): Punishing One has 80% counter chance. It gains +10% potency (stacking) whenever it takes damage from an attack. It has bonus health equal to 50% of its potency.

Breached enemies have -25% accuracy.

Reinforcement: Enter battle: Gain critical chance up and critical damage up for 4 turns. Inflict stagger on all breached enemies. Whenever an enemy loses breach, Punishing One gains 100% turn meter.


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