[Mega] An Ancient Journey of Redemption


  • It's almost as if they are trying to get rid of there player base this year. We have had the sith raid fiasco which took them the best part of 6-7 months to fix after loads of people quit. We now have Revan whereby 13 days ago they put 3 of the required toons on a node to farm and have announced they need to be 7* by next week.
    They need to be realistic and listen to the player base we don't mind a hard farm at short notice if it's achievable.

    This is clearly not achievable in the timescales set by the devs.
  • Wow... so much to me saying: you're slowly earning trust back from some people... That's like... wow.... hit in the face and just saying whales only matter.
    I farmed Bastila (since she was released and just TODAY with 2 refreshes at 75 crystals) was able to 7* her. JTR was predictable to see and although I started farming right away, I was only able to get here by buying one Vet pack and spending 20$ for crystals.

    Lesson I learned predicting the current trend:
    Doesn't matter to farm in a already "speculative" direction because f2p and even those spending occassionally are kept out of the content... classic...
    Luckily, I expected as much and did NOT spent a single $ ever since and as having lost my trust again, my wallet that was about to honor the last months snapped shut in a flash :-)
  • These hardnode toons were availabe for farming sept 26, and now the event is Oct 18th. I get a farm panic for a couple toons but this kinda stuff destroys the fun game panic farming 5 toons in less than a month.
  • You want there attention break Rules.... That's the quickest way to bring in the devs.. Just saying
  • This makes me sad.....I have 1 5* Bastilla.3 4* Jolee bindo,T3-M4, Zaablar, and a 3 star Mission vao.i really wanted Revan to be a Legendary character.fs01zdjaqax6.jpg

    I guess I have to start panic farming
  • Whales are what pays the bill's and now and then you need to cater something towards them but it seems you would of made alot more money if you would of waited another month. Just that one more month or even 3 weeks you would of been able to bring in dolphins also. Myself when first announced I was going to buy the packs but when the date was updated to the 18th there is no reason for me to buy them now because regardless I wont be able to get them 7* and geared.
  • DoomeyEyes wrote: »
    Can we get some more whales who don't feel they have gotten enough value for the $1000s they have spent on the game make some more snarky remarks and give us screenshots of their full slate of 7* g12 OR toons? Because that's what I really want right now... completely tone-deaf, entitled (insert preferred expletive here) showing off how much money they spent and how it makes them better than everyone who's not too happy atm. At least the first guy to do it, (wont name them, but a Screenshot lasts forever) had the good sense to delete his post... or it got taken off by a mod.

    That said, we don't know the start date... but its likely soon and yeah, its disproportionately providing value to the whales, even the ones that have no class... but I can guarantee there will be at least one f2p player who gets Revan... my OR toons are all 5* and I have 84k crystals banked for just such an occasion... so, yeah... gg getting your toons ready by spending all the money... I'm doing it for $0... I'm soooo classy.


  • Haha no chance to panic farm all that in a week. Just regular farm and hit the event when it comes back in 3 months. I'm in the same boat. There is zero reason to spend money here.
  • I saw a post saying this comes out on the 18th of October, one week from tomorrow. I have been farming and refreshing energy and nodes ever since these characters came out F2P, like I have spent over 4 thousand crystals on energy and nod refreshes and at best J have all these characters at 5 stars an some of them higher but I have worked like crazy and i wont be ae to get this charcter ive been prepping so long for because I wanted him!?!?! This js ridiculous.
  • I have no pity for those angry they aren't getting him. I had a hoard of gear and crystals waiting for Jango to finally show...only for CG to make him marquee and then toss Revan-related toons into the game, causing me to make a choice.

    I chose Revan over blowing gear and crystals to get a 7* Jango...a character I've been waiting for since launch. Anyone who has every seen my post on here know this to be true. And yes, I almost quite the game because that angered me so great.

    But that sacrifice seems to have paid off. I'm only 26 shards away from getting Mission to 7*, the last one needing to get there. So I understand the anger but we all have choices to make.
    CLONE HELMETS!! Now let's get Sabine her epic helmet.
  • Agreed, not enough time, unless you spend lots for crystals for refreshes. Drop rate stinks anyway.
  • @TheManiac you and me both buddy
  • Tarah
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    TheManiac wrote: »
    Haha no chance to panic farm all that in a week. Just regular farm and hit the event when it comes back in 3 months. I'm in the same boat. There is zero reason to spend money here.

    I agree... if they give us 1 month mrore ppl would spend 20-40 euro... 8 days no chance, so 0 euro to spend

  • Starting Q4 off strong. This kind of attempt for Q4 $$ makes me fear for next Q4 when they have pressure to out perform.
  • I'm so excited Revan is coming! I don't understand why everyone hates CG so much for doing it. They spent a lot of time on this and it is really cool, even if we have to super panic farm the poop out of this game. I am panic farming right now and it actually is really fun considering I get one of the coolest characters in all of Star Wars! Good luck farming!

    I do not intend to spend any money and I have them all around 4*. Getting about 4-7 shards a day with one energy refresh, one cantina refresh, and one ship refresh. Jolee and Zaalbar on energy, Mission and T3 on cantina, and Bastila and Zaalbar on Ships. HK I got to 7* a while ago. Should take me about a month, not a week though.
    I make character kits! Ask me and I will try my best to make one for fun.
  • Translation: I used free stuff the game gave me to get free stuff and I am unhappy I can't get more free stuff right away and have to wait for muh free stuff.....
  • Like everyone didn't know is we would need those old Republic toons for Revan.... Lol
  • Agreed. I'm just sad.
  • JaggedJ
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    The good news is that they put Bastilla, Bindo and Zaalbar on double nodes so the trip to "second time around" is much easier.

    And for those of us who don't curr we'll just keep driving until we run out of gas at the "third time lucky hotel".
  • We may have known but there was no way it was possible F2P or even without spending tonnes. Poor show
  • Just get him next time around no big deal
  • Psychosaur wrote: »
    A light side Revan? Noooooooooooo! What is this ridiculous garment on him? He’s preparing for a wedding or what? THIS IS REVAN:

    This. How is this a "Journey of Redemption" if we don't even have a Darth Revan to redeem? Plus, he already has the mask, meaning he already disobeyed the Jedi Order.
    CLONE HELMETS!! Now let's get Sabine her epic helmet.
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    Personally I’m a little bummed I won’t get him first time around but I understand that the devs made him a hero’s journey. They’re only doing their jobs everyone so try to understand
  • This is ridiculous. Poor show and such a money grab
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