[Mega] An Ancient Journey of Redemption


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    I made a choice....I wanted the Solo squad all 7* and am getting close.
    I momentarily shifted to the Bounty Hunters to shoot for Chewie and failed....so I went back to the Solo toons.
    I am going to miss out on Revan the first time around...and that is fine.
    I don't need all of the new characters immediately to enjoy this game.
    Revan will join my squads the second time around.
    Just ecstatic that he is in the game and I seriously hope this means we will be seeing Carth, Canderous, Calo Nord, Darth Malak, the Ebon Hawk and Darth Revan!!
  • Zaxm
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    Can't wait to unlock revan in 2020! Thank you so much CG. And when I finally unlock him my sense of pride and accomplishment will be through the roof.
    How excited are you guys?
  • Thoughts about Revan...
    Even with the packs, anyone without some serious Crystal's saved up, who have been essentially panic farming KotOR toons since they went f2p, will not be able to get Revan. At this point even the packs will not help. I'll be spending 0 dollars on this event.
  • LordI
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    It is a very big lack of respect to users how you managed Revan's appearance

    We should vote the game as bad as they treat us.
    Unfortunately nothing will change, but we should stop playing

    They don't have rights to insult us in this way
    This game sucks
  • davdeluxe126
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    I want to voice my complaints about Revan. People are screaming and yelling left and right but I hope a rational criticism may actually reach the devs.
    To preface this, I am a huge fan of both this game and of Revan and his lore. I am also a F2P player.
    Since the moment the characters had their marquee events, I started saving up my crystals for refreshes and energy. I starting farming Bastila and Jolee the second they released. I started farming Mission Vao, Zaalbar and T3-M4 when they came out. I had only saved a few hundred crystals, and I am currently only making 150ish crystals a day so I get 120 cantina energy and 1 refresh that I’m using on Zaalbar. I ignored the Bounty Hunters to farm Revan.
    I currently have Bastila 5* 21/85, Jolee 5* 2/85, Zaalbar 4* 51/65, Mission 4* 60/65 and T3 4* 3/65 and all of them are Gear Level 8.
    By using the panic farm calculator, I would need just shy of 41,000 crystals so to get them to 7*, without accounting for having to buy more gear. I am a student and can not afford to spend $250 on these characters for the chance of getting Revan and am disappointed. I was betting on him being unlockable at 5* with which I would be okay with, and unlock him at 7* the next time. As we know that is not the case. It is unprecedented and frankly unreasonable for him to be a 7* with so little time. Some characters have only been farmable for 2 weeks!
    If he were announced today, along with the packs, and we got a week of double drops for the characters, and were told that his Hero Journey would start on Thanksgiving, we would be giving a LOT of thanks to CG that day. With the current arrangement, only whales will be able to unlock him and will probably seize their arenas with this probably-meta-defining character.
    The vast majority of the SWGOH community is F2P players and this betrays our trust in the community.
    In order to remedy this, I will propose a few things.
    1. My suggestion to have 7 days of double drops for the characters and a promise that he will come back on Thanksgiving (with the packs being available from now until then) to allow F2P to catch up in about a month.
    2. In order to appease the F2P community, the event is postponed until Thanksgiving or later to allow for the vast majority of overall players to unlock him at the same time.
    3. We get triple or quadruple drops from now until the 25th (when I assume the event will end), 5 crystal refreshes, 50% refreshing energy (so 25 crystals for regular energy and 50 crystals for cantina energy) and an assurance that we will only need G8-10 for the characters (especially since some characters are commonly perceived as useless).
    I hope that some developers will read this and consider what I have said. I love this game and want it to succeed, but this seems like a betrayal of trust with a hint of cash grab, which is bad publicity for the game. Revan was a man of the people, and he should be accessible to the majority of players who have invested every single point of energy (since Bastila first came out) to obtaining him, even if we haven’t spent money on the game.
    Thank you for your time, and I hope you consider what I said. I would be willing to talk about it further if necessary.
  • Nauros
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    KyleRent wrote: »
    All they care about is $$$. “We’ll stop with marquee” butttttt we will make it to where we add this awesome OP character where you can only unlock him at 7* after making the requirements farmable a few weeks ago. **** you. Another middle finger to the community.

    More like: "So you don't like marquees? We will make you beg for more marquees!"
  • I think the only way to even remotely make up for dropping this so quickly is to leave it open as a permanent event until you complete it. That won’t happen but it sure would be nice.
  • We don't know when he is coming out, it very possibly could be in December. Most likely not, but have a little hope

    The first post says Oct 18

    Yeah I see it now. Thanks. Going to be rough. Hope there are so.e double or bonus drops. Otherwise, not happening even with packs for most.

    Dude, let's be real, even with double drops it wouldn't happen, even with the packs, for most of us. Unless you have some crazy hard node luck, Zaalbar is in no way going from 3 (or even 4*) to 7* unless you're buying a ton of extra shards via the shipments.
  • Honestly, I dont care about Jedi Revan. Ill just pick it up 2nd-3rd time, cause theres nothing else to farm anyway.
    Had this been about Darth Revan, however, Id be furious.
  • Atlas1
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    Here’s the thing. Everyone wants Revan. Yes, he’s going to be hard to get. It’s possible for F2P to get the KOTOR toons to 7* in time, but even I, as an F2P player, have said I’ll spend money on Revan. It’s going to rake in money, no doubt. I wouldn’t expect any less of Revan.
  • I enjoy having somthing to work towards and look forward too. Most of u talk like I are supposed to be able to have all the new toons maxed right away.. just have patience and have fun. So what if u have to wait til next go round. I'm still farming for JTR. and I do just fine
  • Atlas1
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    Ill add, I am surprised he came this quick. I was thinking December tbh.
  • Yep, they like to make an event to get people to spend their money and then drop an event right after it as well. Well played as usual!
    Why wasn't Cobb Vanth shards a reward for the Krayt Dragon raid? Why wasn't Endor Gear Luke shards a reward for the Speeder Bike raid?
  • You know he's coming when you see bastilla and jolee appears in mid july, you are not saving resources (including crystals for refresh) and cried no time to farm.
  • been playing since dec.2015. this feels like a slap in the face, again, and again. just keep grinding. get him next time around...
  • Revan release = panic farm. Which equates to an increase in revenue. The players that throw money at the game keep it free for myself and others. Works for me, add 10 more, 20 more, meh fine with me.
  • Revan release = panic farm. Which equates to an increase in revenue. The players that throw money at the game keep it free for myself and others. Works for me, add 10 more, 20 more, meh fine with me.

    Except there are more people outraged than panicking. The outrage will cause a drop in sales, more than the panic will cause. They're losing money here because they did it poorly.

    Had they not gotten too greedy, they could've made money, a LOT of it. Instead, they are going to see a huge drop.
  • We all know they su.k but we continue playing again and again ... so who is to blame ????
  • I spent some for Chewie, not willing to spend hundreds for Revan so soon.
    Why wasn't Cobb Vanth shards a reward for the Krayt Dragon raid? Why wasn't Endor Gear Luke shards a reward for the Speeder Bike raid?
  • Thanks CG, now i am back to my regular farm which is 5 kotor toons without buy shipment.

    I will ready for second round without spend some money.

    Imagine if this event come for Christmas, i will be panic mode and maybe spend some money to buy bundle.
  • Revan release = panic farm. Which equates to an increase in revenue. The players that throw money at the game keep it free for myself and others. Works for me, add 10 more, 20 more, meh fine with me.

    This..... CG can be over the top with the push for money at times, but I have no issues that paying players get new content quicker...... It's a business after all....
  • Passing.
    Even with double drops not likely to get to 7*
    Gluck to all who are attempting to make it work.
  • Gotta love a whale only event (at least this time around) Gotta keep the P2P players happy!
  • But as ftp I want to thank whales ... you're hero guys ...
  • Bitterly disappointed in this. If 7* is the requirement to unlock cant even begin to say how frustrating this is given the farmability timeframe of the OR toons.
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