[Mega] An Ancient Journey of Redemption


  • It's free to play, just not to win.
  • Lol I wonder if CG even ran the numbers to see who will realistically get him this first go around. Probably not.
  • @Jerrick_Kharr87 The natural order of things unfortunately
  • I think we need a little more info, please...

    Not that Erik doesn't seem cool, but where is Crumb? This post clearly lacked his touch, along with specifics (or at least approximates) and the pizzazz that he tends to add
  • Revan worth 10000 Dollars , isn't it ?
  • Pretty clear in the announcement.
  • Why would they repeat what they write? Are you ok?
  • So it sounds like you’re basically ignoring the fact SWTOR exists? Appearance wise.
  • seven stars....lol...
  • 7* unlock ?? **** this

    Welcome to the panic farm. Revan will almost certainly catapult you to the top of the arena if you whale out!
  • Did I misread the start date? Sure the packs are out but they didn’t say when.
  • Yep too far out of reach for me. I won’t spend a dime.
  • With this monthly new "Legendary" cadence I kind of agree. They made people whale out on BH and panic spend crystals, gear, etc. And then they release this a month later. Awesome.
  • So soon? Disappointing.
  • Based on the history of the hero's journey like events, it is about one week after announcement of the required toons before the event officially starts, leaving about 2 weeks to 7* your toons regardless of your farming progress on those toons before. And then with the knowledge that there is a week(+) long gap after the RJT and BB-8 event, it would make sense that the Revan event will be taking place next week. No confirmation, but based on previous history and if you take everything into consideration, it makes sense. I am disappointed that I will not have a chance to get Revan immediately (grew up playing KOTOR on the original Xbox), and loved the adventure of the game (with all of its twists and turns, and its surprise), but I will definatley be saving everything I have to be farming the OR toons like they are going out of style so that when the Revan event returns in Jan/Feb (again, just seems likely), I will have finished the farming to get him.
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  • This is my question too:

    Who, that isn't already totally ready, can actually spend and finish this in time?
  • Mykaeus wrote: »
    So it sounds like you’re basically ignoring the fact SWTOR exists? Appearance wise.

    That isn't what he said... in fact, he brought up the fact that they are keeping mind about SW:TOR when keeping the Darth Revan model in mind
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