[Mega] An Ancient Journey of Redemption


  • Somethings gotta change with the way new characters are dropped in nodes. Because frankly its tiresome that nothing new ever pops up in shops anymore. I truly believe non-meta toons like characters from solo and other such toons should not be a bear to farm. Its just been getting out of hand that it takes forever to get new toons now that just arent gonna be used for much. At this stage of the game a lot of us dont need that much shard shop currency and I would like to get some fresh toons in the gw and arena stores. That doesn't seem like I'm asking too much does it?
  • @Vampire_X HI!!!

    Great job CG, excited for Revan; the art release info is also pretty cool. His model looks amazing.


    I'd been targeting these toons since they hit shipments and hoarding as I figured the KOTOR would result in a big edition. Skipped on gearing some other things and farming. I refreshed the Jolee node for the 25 and the 50 each day, started farming him at 3* as I didn't buy his 9.99 pack. He's at 43/100. Mission and T3 will be tight since they JUST dropped. It's quick for sure.
  • Nema
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    They've said half the shops are never going to get new stuff as it's meant for shard currency
  • Starts next Thursday, post has been edited. And still no kit reveal.
  • SnakesOnAPlane
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    Psychosaur wrote: »
    A light side Revan? Noooooooooooo! What is this ridiculous garment on him? He’s preparing for a wedding or what? THIS IS REVAN:

    So they can release DS Revan next year! Duh!

    And then neutral Revan the year after. HELLO?!
  • Boomer8800 wrote: »
    Might need to panic farm some G12+ gear for this.. Not fair CG!

  • really the 18th CG! give us some time to do this!
  • Do we at least get 3-4 days of double drops?
  • Lol I’m not gonna get him anytime soon. OR toons have been giving me a 20-25% drop rate. They really didn’t give F2P much of a chance to unlock him on the first go.
  • Won’t get a dime from me.
  • thank you for releasing this so soon, CG. The amount of money this tempts me to spend is...let's see...carry the 3....OH LOOK still $0.

    The only thing I'm shocked by are people who continue to be shocked by and then turn around and support bad behavior.
  • Markyj wrote: »
    really the 18th CG! give us some time to do this!

    All other hero journeys were two weeks prep. Not only do they give us the quickest farm possible they give us less prep time. They really don’t want our money.
  • Looks like this time I'll have to wait for the third or fourth time. Ok. Chewie is still my priority.
  • Oh well. I’ll get him next time. If I miss that one it’s my fault.
  • First off this is not jedi Revan this is just Revan or stranger, he was jedi then darth then Revan. He follows the Jedi then leaves. So it depends on you view really but terrible execution of this
  • where does it say the 18th
  • They haven’t set a release date buT the sooner the better. I very much prefer if only the fattest whales get Revan during the first run and not all the medium sized spenders. Ths way it will have a much lesser impact on arena and the rest of us 99.9 % can keep farming OR toons to be ready the next time the event returns. In a way it is even more honest this way than tempting ppl to panic farm to maybe get all the toons to 7* in time.
  • Chucke wrote: »
    where does it say the 18th

    They updated it
  • @Chucke They edited the journey reveal post and added the 18th 20 minutes ago.
  • JaggedJ
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    I was hoping the event wouldn't drop until December but really I knew this was coming the moment they made all the toons accessible other than Mission/Saucer head robot thing both being on cantina.

    Gotta make that cash, but at least it frees me up to farm other things and can now just work through OR one at a time at a leisurely pace.
  • And you couldnt even release a pack for Only Jolee ??? Didnt I spend enough on Bastila for you?
  • @JaggedJ exactly what I'm doing. Finishing Vet Chewie, then I'll get BH ready for next Chewbacca then I'll maybe bother with OR. No panic. Just patience.
  • As far as I can tell, they haven't said when the event is. Unless I missed it. Safe to assume a week from now at the earliest.
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