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I'm just wondering if it's worth 7*'ing either of them or just get them to the 5* (Soldier) and 6* (Scout) maximums required for their phase-specific events? Is the extra stars worth it or should I just get them to G8/9 and let stronger teams carry the battle? I have Scout at 6* and willing to max as Cantina store credit isn't really useful on anyone else, but a single node 7* farm on Soldier doesn't sound fun for a purely niche character.


  • I personally think they are worth it.

    I have always liked Scout, he has that TM generation going for him. Soldier has always been less interesting to me. But LSTB P6 puts a heavy burden on your 7* Rebel roster, with Rogue 1 CM, a Rebel CM, and the ROLO Rebel SM, plus platoons, you could need 20+ Rebels to do it all. My Hoth brothers see plenty of action in P6.

    P.S. The Chewbacca event had us fighting ROLO, CLS, R2, Han Solo, and Chewie. Speculation is high that you will need these 5 to continue the heroic evolution of Luke. But ROLO & CLS have something else in common: Hoth. Wouldn't it be something if you needed the Hoth squad to complete Luke's next stage? I would not completely ignore Scout or Soldier ... or CHOLO for that matter. Just because previous events have only required 5 characters to complete does not mean that must always hold true.
  • Thanks! I'll keep plugging away on Soldier as a side project when my normal daily farms are done. And Scout will be 7* in a week. I'll get them to the usual G8 and then pause.
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    I stopped farming HRSoldier as soon as they announced it was no longer necessary to have him at 7* stars. I did 7* HRScout, solid toon, easy farm.
  • Hoth heroes are never in platoons. So you can always use them in a combat or special missions, and that makes them a worthwhile investment. Up to you to decide if they're worth it compared to farming other heroes.
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