Capital Ship Upgrades Challenge for Grand Moff Tarkin

So I collected enough 4 star ships for this event, however, it is saying that even though I have 5/5 ships needed, I need to "collect and enhance valid ships in order to proceed". When is this bug going to be fixed?6l2lskwfmu3y.png


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    Yeah, silliy visual bug. You need 5 fighters plus the cap ship, all 4* or higher.

    By the way, you are unlikely to succeed with just 4* fighters unless the pilots are pretty buff and well geared.
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    Unless you're way over level for the challenge, you won't be able to gear the pilots enough to make it with 4* ships. With L78 G9+ Pilots, I needed 5-6* ships for that tier. The next tier needed L82 G10+ pilots in 6-7* ships.
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    You are lucky you start with executrix. Everyone seems to be forced to get it high level to progress in the game
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