SHIP SHARD. Bugdrops, Meatknife, Datysho, Maders, Jeffffski, ChageRON, Teremok +++

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Im looking for these guys, ive got meatknife, OnboardG1, JG and virpi from before including me. It seems most ppl are very nice in our shipshard, ive made a discord that u could join if u would want to. It really is difficult to know when ppl have their payout, so up until now i prety much went with attack patterns and, myself attacking only in my payout.


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    Bump, still need few more of you.. Chinese symbols name (sorry) you don’t have, ChageRON has no, Resmi Harden (I think is one of the mol Eliza type generic names do impossible to find this guy and he don’t have Vader850 also doesn’t have Few others but I gues since none of these guys have accounts they probably aren’t in a serious guild or don’t use the forums so could be huge waste of me typing now 😂 but if you come across ask @DarthBugdrops or myself for invite if his link is broke.
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