How much of a headstart is socially acceptable

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Obviously those that spend money on this game deserve a head start over those that don't...JTR, CLS, Revan, and soon Jedi Luke.

But how much of a headstart is acceptable for you? I am personally F2P and i think that 6 months is reasonable for someone that pays to get a jump on the new stuff.

In terms of Traya my current guild wont be there for what seems like about 7 months, and honestly that's fine because we a a F2P guild.

Opinions? From different stances (whale, dolphin etc)


  • 6 months is probably longer than the average player is engaged in this game tbh. I'm a 1.5 year+ player but I'd bet that's the minority. This is the only mobile game I have EVER played for more than 6 months. From that perspective, I don't think 6 months is a reasonable timeframe for unlocking a character.
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    I don't think you can put a timeframe on it. I say that because some f2p players who've been playing a shorter amount of time definately have better rosters than other p2p players who've been playing longer. There are also many f2p players with a 7* traya, but warrior (that gc with 124 g12 toons) only has a 6* Traya.
    If the question is how long it should take before legendary/journey events to return, i'd say 4 months is fine, but preferably 3 months.
  • The more those so inclined spend the longer I can play for free. I have a roster some dream of and I have not spent a penny. As far as I'm concerned they can put packs with a complete hero in the shop for whatever players will pay. I will chug along like always. I honestly couldn't care less.
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  • I started Feb 28 2016. Been playing daily, with few skipped days in the beginning. After Commander Luke, I figured out the whole pay to win thing, and I have been playing only to enjoy the game and waste some time here and there. That being said, the only advantage I am lacking would be in arena, which I really don't care to play outside the daily grind. I guess at the end of the day, those who are willing to spend a small fortune on nothing more than digital code can have access to it early, they paid for it. So I probably shouldn't hold a grudge since they're financing my F2P game.
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