Acronyms and Other Jargon

I saw a question posted in another guide here about an acronym for a particular character. I remember being confused more than once by acronyms and jargon when I first started playing, so I thought I'd start a thread listing those I've seen and disambiguate at least one that I can think of. Feel free to add others and / or correct any I might have misinterpreted (and yes, I realize some of these terms apply to other games). Here are just a few common ones off the top of my head, to start:
GW - Galactic War
GS - Geonosian Soldier
QGJ - Qui-Gon Jinn
OP - Overly Powerful - or - Original Post(er), depending on the context.
JC - Jedi Consular
FOTP - First Order Tie Pilot
Nerf - When the development team publishes an update containing character attribute adjustments that diminish the character's value (generally, because they were considered to be OP by many). Common complaints on both sides (whether or not a character is OP) include Barriss Offee, Poe Dameron and FOTP, to name a few.
RG - Royal Guard
Whale - A player with deep pockets who will go to extremes to obtain the most powerful team(s).
Thanks in advance to experienced players for not leaving sarcastic comments!


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