Is there a good site that ranks HAAT's by phase? I've done some searching but can't seem to find any. Thanks.


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    HAAT Lineups I mean.
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    scroll to the top + enter your swgoh.gg username, it will import your details and list all the squads for raids + events etc, then it will show you how well prepared you are.
    HAAT can be solo'd with Ackbar, CLS, BB8, Hermit Yoda + Young Han Solo.
    p1 can be done with Dathcha lead, CLS + Raid han.
    half of p2,p3 + p4 can be done with Ackbar, CLS, Thrawn, Ventress + BB8
    there is other teams but those 2 are pretty easy to get
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    zFinn Resistance and Bastila Jedis wreck phase 2
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    CLS(U2) HanSolo(U) — 3.0M+
    >>> CLS must escape.

    JTR(L,U1,U2) R2-D2(U1,U2) BB-8(U1) Rey Finn — 6.5M+
    KRU(L) Kylo(S) FOE FOO Phasma — 4.0M+
    >>> BB-8 must escape.

    Ackbar CLS(U2) BB-8(U1) Thrawn Asajj(U) — 25.0M

    I use those 4 teams.
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