Shard bullying

Is there a way to report an arena shard for bullying? It might sound trivial or a bit ott but i think this needs sorting.
I belong to an arena shard chat as I'm sure many of us do. This ia not for any other purpose than staying out of each others way at payout times. Lately the groups 'officers' decided to implement rules and of you do not obey then you become a target. Some members, due to real life are unable to adhere to these 'rules' so they get threats of being targets. I don't see how this can be imposed on people, rules outside of a game that is meant to be fun, that must be followed religiously or you face abuse and a 'punishment'. This is a game and no matter what should be enjoyable and played when it suits someone to, not be told by bullies that you must do this or that when it suits them.


  • The leadership was already in place when joined, most have different payouts so it seemed fair. Its no longer PvP, its survival of the strongest.
    I don't feel its fair to bully people in any way.
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