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I need help. Last 2 days ago I was trying to buy some crystals and I can't seem to buy it on IOS so I link my account on IOS to Android. I borrow my son's Android device and open up google play, change the account then go to the game, link my account from GameCenter/IOS. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted my son's game progress and replaced mine in his google play. So my son's account doesn't currently have any GameCenter/GooglePlay associated on it.\

So what I did is submit a ticket to EA and tell them the situation. An agent answered me and here's what he told me:

/// After reviewing your case, I came to know that you changed the device and can't recover the game progress on new device. I agree it must be disappointing to you. Please don't worry, I will do my best to help you with the issue.

Please let me share that if you have previously linked your game to your Game Center/Google Play Store, then there is nothing to be worry, just login to the game with the correct Game Center/Google Play Store details and you will get your game progress back.

However, you're playing the game anonymously, then please create a new linked game/account with Game Center/Google Play Store, we can recover your lost account progress.

Recovering the lost account information will erase the new account that you provide us, so you will permanently lose access to it's content. Once the recovery is finished, you will need to force close and restart the new account. You will be able to play your original account on the new account now.

If you agree to the above, please provide us the following information:-
The Ally Code or Player ID for the old account.
The Ally Code or Player ID for a new Linked account (this is where the lost account will be recovered). ///

So what I did is create a new account and play thru the tutorial and get that account to level 18 so it will have an Ally Code. I gave them the Ally Code of the old account(son's account) and the Ally Code on the one I newly created.

Unfortunately, another agent is assisting me and he doesn't understand my situation, he keeps telling me that all I need to do is login the old account, I tried to tell him my son's account is the one having problems and my account is fine, again telling me that it can't be done because they cannot transfer game progress from one Android to another Android and I told him that it is not linked to Android or IOS anymore because I replace it with mine. Then he is not answering anymore.

So what should I do? Submit a ticket again?


  • Noratu wrote: »
    I borrow my son's Android device and open up google play, change the account then go to the game, link my account from GameCenter/IOS.

    Just to get this clear, you logged out from your son's Google Play account, then logged in your Google Play account before the linking? When you logged into SWGOH just before the linking, did you see a new account or did you see your son's account?

    If it was a brand new account you overwrote, you just need to go to Google Play and log in his Google Play account then open up SWGOH again.

    If it was his game account that you overwrote, I am not sure if they can even restore the progress anymore. You'd have to submit a ticket and get it escalated to a specialist.

  • I overwrote my son's game progress. The EA agent replied and understand the situation. My son's account is still linked I think because he told me that it is still linked to a gmail account. In my understanding maybe it is still linked but the new game progress is also linked and loading the new linked game progress.

    I have to create a new account in IOS. He said that they can't link it to a GooglePlay because it is still linked on Android and they can't link Android to Android. I already created the account and gave him the info he need, I'm still waiting for his reply and hoping it will be recovered.
  • Good luck, update here if you ever get it resolved.
  • We got the account back but its in IOS/GameCenter but its fine.
  • Wow, best of luck!
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