Don't be a Jedi,lol.

Yeah so out at the bar watching the hockey game. making friends, partying. I start talking to others. Nice girl there with her mom and friend. A **** gets rude with them. Grabs the girl hard. I stupidly speak up not anticipating a fight since I'm known in this neighborhood from my past as a amateur fighter. Dude breaks my nose as I am setting my beer down. Therefore I am obligated to break his knee arm and jaw as I put him out until the authorities arrive. So my brand new silk shirt is ruined. The girl he was rude to was engaged. So being a Jedi I got no reward, D'oh


  • Rolf
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    As a Jedi you can't have romantic entanglements anyway. :p Look what happened to Ani.
    My ally code: 296-673-769. Wish we could have more than 35.
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    LOL True there
  • Tally27
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    Who wears silk shirts anymore lol. That would be your first mistake jk jk
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    LOL It was a gift and it was a very cool deep purple.
  • zerizut
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    Yeah, but ruffians are only seeing red, the shade doesn't matter. A longhaired, drunk buddy of mine was once dissed by by another drunk. So he gave him the stink eye and countered with "Oh, yeah? Who of us two is wearing a pink shirt, huh?" The guy's head became crimson, he threw his fries with ketchup in the air, took a stance and knocked my buddy off his feet with a haymaker. Like watching a bull fight in slow motion. Too funny.
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