Daily guild currency

Can someone who knows what they are talking about please explain how the tier of the event impacts the daily guild currency payout?

For example if my guild hits t5 I usually get between 200 to 300 GEC depending on my rank.

When my guild hits t7 I get significantly more, but as we only hit t7 1 day a week, and its always the same day due to an easier to hit t7 daily, would we be getting that 700+ GEC every day if we hit t7 every day?


  • The top rank rewards vary depending on the day. My guild consistently hits max tier on both the Energy Battles and Daily Challenges days, but the rewards for Energy Battles are waaaay better than Daily Challenges.
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  • Kyno
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    its a fairly complex system. in short, no.

    The pool of GEC goes up as you rank higher, I do believe they have different pools, but i could be wrong on that part. (see below)

    The pool gets split between all guild members and they get different percents based on their participation. this means you can actually get less as you move up a tier as more people hit higher ranks and the split draws are higher.
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