The Empîre Alliance wants you!! 8 Guilds room for all level of Players!



  • Reserve your spot with one of our guilds now. Get in before next TW. Open spots in hSith guild.
  • Get in before next TB. Open spots at hSith guilds and TW focused guilds. Top strategies for all aspects of the game. Inquire today and see what the Empîre has to offer.
  • 6 HSTR guilds, one HSTR prep guild, and one casual guild. We have every stage!
  • Available spots at all guild levels. Inquire today about any of our guilds. Secure a spot now for after TB.
  • Bring in the weekend at a new guild. Open spots for dedicated players, apply today.
  • Reserve a place with the Empîre for after TB. Enlist today. Open spots at TW focused and hSith guilds.
  • Avialable spots in hSith guilds. Inquire now and get in before TW.
  • Looking for an alliance with top end strategies. Look no further. Inquire about an open spot at one of our hSith guilds today.
  • We have a few days between events while the game is updated. Apply now and see what the Empîre Alliance has to offer. Open spots at TW focused guilds and guilds for laid back players. Inquire today!
  • Don’t delay, Enlist with the Empîre today! Openings for players of all interests. Inquire now.
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    Looking for top end game strategies? Look no further! Enlist with the Empîre today.
  • Open spots for all players guilds from 100mil gp to 225 mil
  • Come check us out
  • Whatever your level, The Empire Alliance will help you become the most powerful player in the galaxy with amazing coaching from knowledgeable guild/alliance mates. You will learn how to maximize your effectiveness at every level and as you progress. If you are already a top player, Empire has guilds that will complement your experience and ability to earn rewards.
  • Come inquire today! Spots open!
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