I had a rough day. Wound up in a very physical altercation were I hurt someone badly after they hurt a female and poped me in the nose for me saying something. So my BPO was very up,lol. I posted a thread going around the, imo, over censoring here, and it weas edited and I was warned. I went back hartd at Bent Wookie for it. Who is an AWESOME dude I have nothing but respect for. He and Fett do a great job here, even if I feel the censorship is really overboard. I apologize to my furry friend for being a **** to him for doing his thankless job here. Same to Fett, though not involved. You enforce TOS and whether I like it otr not and feel it is childish to censor I was wrong. my apologies and respect to you both and thank you for what you do here. Please do accept my apology.


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    Kudos for stepping in and helping out a female (or a male). Shows you got a lot of integrity.

    Thanks for the mention and I can tell you care a lot for the game and for the forums in general. You and your guild-mates are really an asset on the forums and we appreciate it.

    Take care, man.
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    Hey thanks.
    Fashion Fett said it all.

    So I will just say +1. :)

    Really do appreciate it.
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