Jedi Knight Revan Kit Reveal

Hi Holotable Heroes,

We usually post kit reveals before now, but given the importance of this character, we wanted to make sure he was done right - rather than committing too early and then changing his kit. We apologize for the delay - as we know you’re all excited about it - but we wanted ensure our Jedi Knight Revan lives up to that excitement.

The team has been working hard over the last few days (and months, really) on Jedi Knight Revan and are excited to share his Kit Reveal over in the Arena and Character Strategy Section.

We are planning to release the Ancient Journey for the Legend of the Old Republic this week. We're pretty confident the event will be ready by the 18th - but there is always a chance with something coming in this hot that we may not finish in time. We will update you if there are any changes to the schedule.

Thanks for your patience and we hope you enjoy the event!
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