Suggested Visual Changes to the Game (See the Photoshop Examples!)


  • Yes.....YES! ALL OF THIS!!
  • @Kyno why did this get moved to off topic? It is general feedback at least?
    Better yet, move this to reddit...
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    Franimus wrote: »
    @Kyno why did this get moved to off topic? It is general feedback at least?
    Better yet, move this to reddit...

    I didnt move it.
  • Holy cow, excellent work! CG take note, this is the kind of stuff players want. Fantastic.
  • Wow, nice work, love these ideas!
  • Very nice work and some great ideas. :)
    Keep in mind some game modes look like "holo-tables" because that's what they are meant to be. ;)
  • Those are some good ideas! I know the devs are probably busy, but it would be cool if they found time to do things like this as well! I'd especially love to see an optional, harder version of galactic war (and I love your idea that the harder version gives better rewards. Maybe mod salvage and upper-mid gear?)
  • Awesome stuff. I love every idea except #4. Though 3 and 4 could perhaps be combined and the hangar could be the backdrop on the arena screen.

    CG, do these!

    #1 especially is Awesome.
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    I've been playing SWGOH since the very beginning and as time has went on, many aspects of it have been dramatically improved, overhauled, new game modes and QoL updates and so on. Yet there are some visual aspects that have gotten stale to look at and I've always wanted to see the Cantina re-imagined or re-designed, the pre-battle character selection menu updated and other (yes, minor) things that I feel could revitalize the look and feel of the thing we see the most of; the Cantina menus.

    Below are just some examples. I'm clearly no Photoshop wizard, but I felt it served the cause better to have something to look at rather than just trying to "see what I see" through text.
    1. So the first thing is the character selection screen. We have these beautiful character models yet you barely get to enjoy them. During battle its their backs you see, during character selection its only their upper-half and when browsing the roster it's only their heads. I've seen other games do it and it's really nice to get to see them in their full pose outside of just when adding gear.
    Also perhaps they could do some basic animation when standing there?

    2. The second thing has been long asked for but with the Separtists getting a rework in some form and all of Clone Wars coming back into the fray, what better time than to make some minor adjustments to the look of our favorite clones? We've seen Gar Saxon have it both ways where he holds the helmet so it's clearly doable.
    The clones arguably have more identity in their unique helmets then they do in their IDENTICAL FACES! *ahem*



    3. This is a two-in-one.

    The addition of revealing which opponent has zeta'd a certain character was a welcome change. On the ships side however, Omega's are arguably equally important yet there isn't a clean and simple way to view. This change would display which ships have been omega'd and how many applied.
    Secondly, a lot of the menus we browse feel like a house with no art on the walls. They're flat and don't feel epic or have any distance to them. It would be nice to feel like we're about to enter a battle by seeing space in the background as if we were about to deploy.

    4. I'm not saying it should be exactly this, because bad photoshop is bad. But I want to reinforce the idea of more open environments and generate the feel that you're about to enter battle when going to the ships area. It's only logical that the player would be in a Hangar before a ship battle anyway and gives a fresh look to a stale (or less emphasized) area of play.

    5. This one may seem more like a QoL request but I feel like the Sim option could offer a tiny bit more control such as the option to choose how each toon will use their abilities instead of all of them using basic or all of them using all abilities. This would especially be useful for those of us who sim in raids and we'd want a particular hero to only use their basic while allowing another to go crazy and use all available abilities. Maybe the same force touch that brings up buff info could also reveal a mini-context menu for sim options as seen below.

    I know Galactic War has been collecting dust but when you consider the name of it, these battles don't come across as very "Galactic". Perhaps simply changing the treasure icons to planets in need of some attacking could offer a refreshing look to a boring menu. Then once you've successfully attacked it reveals the treasure box to illustrate it's defeat and your victory. Also, just like we have Hard nodes and Normal nodes, maybe we could see the old GW difficulty (very hard) come back under a selectable option without Sim for players Seeking greater rewards, and if you aren't interested in that then you can just select normal and sim it the way you do now. I mean it's called GALACTIC WAR, what an epic name and we pay it no attention at all :neutral:



    Too busy? I know, it's just to generate discussion and ideas. The actual talented designers could do wonders but these are just rough-drafts to give an impression.
    Anyways, there's a bunch more I want to mess with but for now I'm curious what others think. Is there any interest in seeing the game get a visual update? I know there are plenty priorities but I personally feel like the look has gotten stale and it would be nice to see something different when logging in daily for YEARS.

    We've been getting new furniture for our SWGOH home which is great, but a paint job can go a long way too.

    @DarthRefundius you are the man! One of the best posts I've seen in 3 years on this forum (and not just because of my precious helmets lol).
    @CG_Carrie @CG_JohnSalera hire this guy ASAP!
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    Vertigo322 wrote: »
    Where's the forum member CaptainRex?? They'll love this.

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    #CloneHelmets4Life...VICTORY!!!! :smiley: "I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere." The more you tighten your grip, CG/EA, the more whales will slip through your fingers (and go F2P or quit).
  • Yes all of them. Great post.
  • Wonderful work dude, loved it all. Hope this makes it around to the devs.
  • So cool! Nice job!!
  • Excellent previews of what the game should look like, as i suggested over a year ago in another thread.

    While we are all aware of the casino-table nature of the battle rewards in each game mode, and perhaps that is the reason why the main UI has been kept like it is until now,
    the current main room - and any rooms for that matter - with the tables doesn't give the name "Galaxy of Heroes" - in a Star Wars franchise game - sufficient credit.

    As some pointed out, an overhaul would give the game more quality. Undoubtedly, if different room "Themes", for example an Empire/Rebel/FO/Resistance themed environment, were available for purchase (or freely given, duh), long-standing players would buy them.
  • These are fantastic! I especially like the different look of the Clones. I hope EA is paying attention to this post.
  • Palanthian wrote: »
    Great work. While we’re discussing this, the game needs an overhaul on tablets. You actually see less content/detail on the larger screen, and the resolution on the UI and icons leaves it looking pixelated. These would be easy fixes.

    I can't even put the game on my tablet. That would be nice.
  • Totally awesome man! Great work on all of it! Hope it gets some great consideration and applied to the game! Again thanks and just beautiful!
  • Amazing work!
    Would love to see most if not all of this done.
  • I love this, would be super happy to see this in game!
  • Who needs a text resume, dude is gonna get hired by CG after this.
  • Give this man a job
  • @CG_SBCrumb @CG_Carrie make this happen please!
  • #givethismanajob
    Looks waaaay more beautiful than right now in the game
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    I'm into it. Only thing that's iffy is that while I like the hangar pic for ships, the idea is still that you're playing holo-chess or whatever so it doesn't make thematic sense.

    Otherwise, nice job my dude.

  • This looks great, but what amazed me is the energy and credits you have.

    But seriously, I really like 1. I’d be more interested in them fixing stuff like characters jumping through each other or stopping halfway back (NSis especially).

    Good work, hope they listen.
  • If they don't DM you with a job offer...that's a **** shame.


    Always mad praise for those good with PS. I never was, and respect all the hours put into even the smallest details. AMAZING job dude. Respect.
  • Nice job. I like it. Especially the hanger view for fleets.
  • Hire this man... Nice job with all the stuff!!!
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