SirGeorgeous has some great luck on data packs on Episode 6 of HNN

This week on HNN we discuss the outpouring of emotions on the news of Revan, Chewie's impact on the game so far and how ships have taken a slight detour away from enjoyment. Also, SirG gets some luck on his quest for Revan with a live pack opening. Thank you to everyone who has made this show a success! You can access the podcast by the link below or the podcast service of your choice.

1:00- Chewbacca event

15:12- Revan reveal

43:38- The tiny content update

47:03- "I Love you, I Know" segment- where we remind ourselves that we do really like this game!

56:22- "That's No Moon"- Our (sometimes random) big topic of the show- this week we air some ship grievances (i.e. Hound's Tooth)

1:12:20- Rank and File- Meta report

1:15:30- Uncle Owen's Moisture Farm- Our farming plan for Revan

1:20:05- Bonus live opening of Old Republic packs- SirG gets an 80 Zaalbar!
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