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Hey everyone, my next zeta is due for "guild benefit" and we're building towards HAAT completion. I have ABC squad set up and just getting to G10+.

My next zeta is almost ready and I have (For ABC):

Asajj - Rampage

Debating either Ebb and Flow or Self Preservation Protocol. All I'd be gaining from E&F is the 100% Counter, but SPP would make BB8 way more survivable for the duration of the attempt.


Also don't care either way but I should have posted this in the AAT Raid section... Apologies.


  • I would do Ebb and Flow, especially if you use Thrawn in fleet.
  • Thanks! I don't. But I use him extensively in TB and raids.
  • Bump - because you guys are awesome at steering lost players to the correct path.

    Have the following Zetas:
    KRU - both
    Kylo - outrage
    FOST - unique
    CLS - IBAT & LC
    Thrawn - E & F (thanks to advice here!)
    Vader - Inspiring Through Fear
    Asajj - Rampage
    Veers - Aggressive Tactician
    Wampa - Cornered Beast

    Need advice on my next, as it's just a few omegas shy of being ready. As you can tell from the list, I'm DS heavy on my Zetas. I was hoping to go LS this time, and I'm leaning towards:

    GMY - Battle Meditation (helps pure Jedi teams)
    Ezra - Flourish (help massively on both a Jedi and Phoenix squad)
    Kanan - Total Defence (help massively on my Phoenix, and yes, I know Phoenix isn't end game but I really enjoy using them in TB, etc and don't mind investing)
  • It depends a bit on what your goal is. Are you using Jedi in arena team? If so, definitely do GMY Battle Meditation.

    If your goal is to improve TB stars, then it's helpful to focus on Phoenix, Rogue 1, etc.
  • I don't use Jedi in arena. I do use my Phoenix quite extensively in TB and also GA. I'll eventually work on Bastila etc so I can delay Yoda's Zeta and do Flourish first.
  • Vendi1983 wrote: »
    I don't use Jedi in arena. I do use my Phoenix quite extensively in TB and also GA. I'll eventually work on Bastila etc so I can delay Yoda's Zeta and do Flourish first.

    If you have a swgoh.gg link that would help, but I would save up a few zetas. JTR, R2, and BB8 require 7 total zetas and JTR is fantastic for all of the raids (required for Sith Raid, when you get there). The team is also fantastic for GA and TW.
  • Hey, @Vendi1983

    I would NOT zeta GMY until you zeta Bastila. Bastila transforms the entire Jedi squad.

    In your position, I'd be looking for team-benefit zetas. Kanan is excellent in that regard, if you have a decent Phoenix squad. Ezra's is nice for later, but not right away. Some zetas benefit more than the toon you put it on, and those should get first priority.

    The main exception I make is for Raid Han. Raid Han's zeta is crucial to soloing Rancor and thus getting the best possible gear for developing your whole roster.

    In any case, the best of the 3 you named is Kanan's. I'd do that one first. If you use Ezra more often in the Phoenix squad than you do separately, then you should consider putting the next zeta after that on Hera or Sabine. You'll get a much greater increase to damage from offense-up on the whole squad than you will from +75% to one attack by one toon. Hera's really is one toon-at-a-time, so it's not benefitting the whole party the way that Kanan's zeta does, but Phoenix can be vulnerable to debuffs and Hera gets a dispel with her zeta which can really save your bacon.

  • Also, OT Han's zeta is amazing as well, for pretty much everything. Another one I would consider.
  • Alrighty. Lots of advice, all very much appreciated! Thanks everyone!

    I know most abandon Phoenix after Thrawn but I've slowly kept fiddling with them. Recently re-modded all of them to match more of what I wish I could have done at the time. Have them as a solid LS B-team and feel a Zeta there would be more beneficial than on, say, Jyns leadership.
  • Phantom and Ghost are both very strong ships, and so making Phoenix stronger will help in fleet combat.
    Jyn's leadership is very valuable in the Phase 6 combat mission requiring Rogue One toons.
    Phoenix makes for a reasonable defensive squad in Territory Wars (and possibly Grand Arena), so it's not wasted resources.

    It's hard to give good zeta advice in a vacuum - every player is at a different point in their development, and each player can have very different individual priorities.

    You can also "save" the Zetas for new toons (like C-3PO or Revan) if you expect to get them soon. I like to keep an emergency stash of unused zetas in case something critical comes up like a new character or a new raid/game mode, and I want to be able to have an immediate impact.
  • Meh. I already had Zetas saved up for Wampa, and I unlocked him after this last TB. In the process of hoarding resources for Wampa I'm about ready for the next anyway. I have my arena and most raid teams done outside of the Sith Raid.

    I could throw it in RWTP on BB8 and start STR prep but that is such a slog...
  • Is it worth getting Finn zeta’d If BB8 isn’t zeta’d. I am far away from getting JTR. Should I bother with Finn, should I just Zeta BB8 or should I go a different direction and zeta Thrawn?
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    No real need to zeta BB8 without JTR. Its ok but won't shine without her.

    I would mostly do leadership or team-wide benefit uniques unless you are talking arena team. Veers and CLS IBAT as examples.
  • Vendi1983
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    @VonZant a good tip and usually what I try to do. Prioritize transformative zetas over single-use or "secondary" Zetas. It's why if I go Phoenix I think I'll do Kanan. It benefits all of Phoenix the most.
  • @MaulMe1402

    Finn has an AMAZING zeta. The only problems with it are that it's too RNG dependent and too potency dependent. This makes JTR an upgrade, but not a huge upgrade.

    Until you have JTR, Finn is completely indispensable. After you have JTR, Finn is situationally awesome for leading a Resistance team when you want to use JTR somewhere else. This comes up a lot in the final stages of TW, for instance. But that's AFTER Jtr. Before JTR zeta-Finn is the most godlike toon you'll have, so long as you have a decent Poe (g8 is enough, though g10 is a lot better).

    I used zFinn at gear 9 with g9 R2, g8 Poe, g7 Pilot & g7 Trooper. I used that team to clear out p6 LS TB combat missions. It was unreal. Other squads would need all this gear, but the Finn squad just mowed them down without a second thought about gear.

    Even though after JTR you'll use Finn a lot less, zeta that guy for sure. Now that there's 10 Resistance toons you can even use both in the same TB eventually.

    Anyway, zeta the heck out of Finn as soon as you have at least 4 Resistance toons with Poe at g8 and the other two at g7+.

  • So I'll add Finn to the list. I don't have RT or RP leveled, starred, or geared at all. But can build something.

    Finn G9 and Poe G7 are both 7*, modded for potency. +50-60 speed each.
  • FOST’s zeta is pretty fun zeta. You said you already have KRU both and KR special. It means your gears of FO are nice I guess. Return fire makes them much fun, and it makes more damage on haat p2.
    ABC squad needs Binds and Rampage. Others are not required.
  • @komji15 I necro'd my own old thread to get new advice, and yes I have FOST Zeta. It was actually my second arena Zeta after KRU. It's an amazing Zeta for FO. I've done 50% of P2 HAAT with them. Then drop ABC and finish the rest of the raid. Thanks though!
  • Vendi1983 wrote: »
    @komji15 I necro'd my own old thread to get new advice, and yes I have FOST Zeta. It was actually my second arena Zeta after KRU. It's an amazing Zeta for FO. I've done 50% of P2 HAAT with them. Then drop ABC and finish the rest of the raid. Thanks though!

    Ah! I missed FOST written. Sorry for that.
    How about Palp or Bastila? They can make Empire/Sith and Jedi much more better. Bastila squad can make lots of Dm at aat and str. Also they can be very useful for both TB and TW.

    Or if you are ready to unlock JTR or already you have, then go for JTR’s lead. Her leader must need zeta.
  • By the time the JTR event comes around I'll most likely have another Zeta to toss on someone so it'll probably be her. Bastila is still down at 3*, G4 and barely leveled. Focused on Troopers and JTR requirements for a while. Then hoarded gear and mats for Wampa
  • There’s nothing better than Finn for a newly forming roster for the haat raid. I was mad at myself for putting mine on Daryl maul and not Finn. A decision I’m still P O’d about
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