Shadowlands: 147-189M, TW Focused Alliance (EDT/PDT/GMT)

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Shadowlands is a small alliance that operates like a single large guild. What started off as a group of friends has developed into a community of players with alliance wide communication. We do not believe in feeder guilds. Outside of our specialized teams to guide you through all aspects of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, we utilize voice chat for theory-crafting, weekly meetings, podcasts, roster reviews and trivia events. All our guilds except exiles Clear HSR.

All Guilds currently have openings!

If you would like to be considered, visit us at Discord: >> HERE <<

Vanguard - 189m, 45LS/47DS:
1. Galactic Power of 3m+ & 25+ Zetas.
2. Team reqs: Traya, Scoundrels, Jedi, First Order, JTR, Imp Troopers, Bounty Hunters, NS.
3. Hpit 7:15pm, HAAT 8:15pm, HSR 9:15pm All times are EDT.
Shot First - 187m, 45LS/47DS:
1. Galactic Power of 2.5m+
2. Team reqs: Traya, NS, JTR, Imp Troopers, Resistance.
3. Hpit 3:30pm EST/19:30 GMT, HAAT/HSR 3:45pm EST/19:45 GMT
Asylum - 155m, 44LS/46DS:
1. Galactic Power of 2m+
2. Team reqs: Jedi, First Order, JTR, Imp Troopers, Bounty Hunters, NS.
3. Hpit 8:30pm, HAAT 9:00pm, HSR 10:00pm All times are PDT
Wookiee Monsters - 165m, 44LS/45DS:
1. Galactic Power of 2.5m+
2. Team reqs: Jedi, First Order, JTR, Imp Troopers, NS, Sith.
3. Hpit 7:30pm, HAAT 8:00pm, HSR 8:00pm All times are EDT
Dead Forest Guards - 162m, 44LS/46DS:
1. Galactic Power of 2.5m+
2. Team reqs: Jedi, First Order, JTR, Imp Troopers, NS, Sith, Bounty Hunters, R1.
3. Hpit 7:15pm, HAAT 9:15pm, HSR 8:15pm All times are EDT
Silverbacks - 147m, 42LS/43DS:
1. Galactic Power of 2.4m+
2. Team reqs: Jedi, First Order, JTR, Imp Troopers, Rebels (Chaze)
3. Hpit 11:00am EST/16:00 GMT, HAAT 12:00pm EST/17:00 GMT HSR 1:00pm EST/18:00 GMT
Exiles - 84m, 28LS/29DS:
1. 500 Tickets min
2. Team reqs: None - Active in guild events & daily activity
3. Hpit 6:30pm, HAAT 7:30pm, HSR Once a week (as allows) with Alliance Mercs. All times are EDT
All guilds require discord and a account
Contact us privately if you prefer: Bawlsak#1280
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  • Shadowlands is a great community with knowledgeable players from 1-4.5mil GP. Everyone works together to ensure we all succeed. The best part is that we've got a raid timeslot to cover almost the whole globe! come smell what we're cooking!
  • Whazn
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    Everyone here but eyeke is super knowledgeable, join up today!
  • This alliance strives on being the best in TW. If this sounds like a good match for you drop by and visit the server.
  • Plus Mol has the best lightsaber collection - ask him for the pics when you get in
  • You need Revan? You need Wookiee support?!?!? Here is where you get it! Stop in see what the Furry Life is all about
  • Looking for a few good wookiees...join today!
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    I've removed some recent posts. Let's please keep it civil and on-topic. :smile:
  • Looking for some great players! Please come join us!
  • Thanks Cain! Great alliance with lots of opportunities to grow and progress, Open spots in all our guilds, Join our server and let's find you a new home :)
  • Join the server and check out the difference between us and typical alliances. It will be obvious right away. Competitive and fun!
  • if it wasn't for Shadowlands, I'd have to talk to my real life coworkers and family. Thankfully our Discord is so hopping, I never have to risk actual human interaction! Come join the fun!
  • Hahaha Eyeke knows how to talk! Stop by and chat with him! Wookiee Style
  • Seeking competitive players wanting to win Territory Wars and have fun, because winning is fun after all!
    We have a very organized discord server with all the information you need regarding the game.
  • The Shadowlands has a number of guilds that would fit what you’re looking for! Hop on over to our server and see what our Wookiee family has to make you succeed!
  • We have time zones for everyone. Please come join we have a spot for everyone.
  • Strong successful TW alliance with spots to fill in our EDT/PDT and GMT guilds! Participate in our Voice chats, or trivia nights! Become a Shadowlands Elite by achieving certain objectives in TW/TB and HSR!
  • Another great TW by shadowlands vanguard! Come see what makes this alliance different from all the rest
  • Where there is Shadowlands, there is unity, and where there is unity, there is victory (Adapted)
  • I woke from a fever dream last night, where I was banished from the Shadowlands and forced to wander alone. The horrors I saw in the SWGOH wilderness will haunt me forever. I was only soothed by the fact that it was a dream, and I was able to log into Discord and be thoroughly entertained and educated by the brilliant minds I call guildmates. Come join us!
  • Come join the server and talk with our recruitment specialists and see what’s available for you :)
  • Why what ever do you mean you don’t know what wookiylifw is all about?!?!? Click the link. Let me show you
  • Looking for a few good wookiees!
  • Ready for some good times? Head on over and chat with one of our Wookiee specialists. They’ll take good care of ya!
  • Oh man check out the Asylum guild. They have a lot of solid players, heard a couple of spots just opened up.. going to see if i can get in there!!
  • If you really love this game as much as we do, you should come around and start enjoying this game as you have never did before
  • Come one come all. If you’re looking for a good TW alliance it’s us!
  • Opii
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    we have open guilds with lots of possibilities, TW competitive and focused
  • Look no further for territory war success!
  • Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
    Through passion, I gain strength.
    Through strength, I gain power.
    Through power, I gain victory.
    Through victory, my chains are broken.
    Shadowlands TWs shall free me
  • :D :D beautiful, I have nothing to add or follow up a post that epic!
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