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  • Shadowlands is a great community with knowledgeable players from 1-4.5mil GP. Everyone works together to ensure we all succeed. The best part is that we've got a raid timeslot to cover almost the whole globe! come smell what we're cooking!
  • Whazn
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    Everyone here but eyeke is super knowledgeable, join up today!
  • This alliance strives on being the best in TW. If this sounds like a good match for you drop by and visit the server.
  • Plus Mol has the best lightsaber collection - ask him for the pics when you get in
  • You need Revan? You need Wookiee support?!?!? Here is where you get it! Stop in see what the Furry Life is all about
  • Looking for a few good wookiees...join today!
  • EA_Cian
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    I've removed some recent posts. Let's please keep it civil and on-topic. :smile:
  • Looking for some great players! Please come join us!
  • Thanks Cain! Great alliance with lots of opportunities to grow and progress, Open spots in all our guilds, Join our server and let's find you a new home :)
  • Join the server and check out the difference between us and typical alliances. It will be obvious right away. Competitive and fun!
  • if it wasn't for Shadowlands, I'd have to talk to my real life coworkers and family. Thankfully our Discord is so hopping, I never have to risk actual human interaction! Come join the fun!
  • Hahaha Eyeke knows how to talk! Stop by and chat with him! Wookiee Style
  • Seeking competitive players wanting to win Territory Wars and have fun, because winning is fun after all!
    We have a very organized discord server with all the information you need regarding the game.
  • The Shadowlands has a number of guilds that would fit what you’re looking for! Hop on over to our server and see what our Wookiee family has to make you succeed!
  • We have time zones for everyone. Please come join we have a spot for everyone.
  • Strong successful TW alliance with spots to fill in our EDT/PDT and GMT guilds! Participate in our Voice chats, or trivia nights! Become a Shadowlands Elite by achieving certain objectives in TW/TB and HSR!
  • Another great TW by shadowlands vanguard! Come see what makes this alliance different from all the rest
  • Where there is Shadowlands, there is unity, and where there is unity, there is victory (Adapted)
  • I woke from a fever dream last night, where I was banished from the Shadowlands and forced to wander alone. The horrors I saw in the SWGOH wilderness will haunt me forever. I was only soothed by the fact that it was a dream, and I was able to log into Discord and be thoroughly entertained and educated by the brilliant minds I call guildmates. Come join us!
  • Come join the server and talk with our recruitment specialists and see what’s available for you :)
  • Why what ever do you mean you don’t know what wookiylifw is all about?!?!? Click the link. Let me show you
  • Looking for a few good wookiees!
  • Ready for some good times? Head on over and chat with one of our Wookiee specialists. They’ll take good care of ya!
  • Oh man check out the Asylum guild. They have a lot of solid players, heard a couple of spots just opened up.. going to see if i can get in there!!
  • If you really love this game as much as we do, you should come around and start enjoying this game as you have never did before
  • Come one come all. If you’re looking for a good TW alliance it’s us!
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    we have open guilds with lots of possibilities, TW competitive and focused
  • Look no further for territory war success!
  • Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
    Through passion, I gain strength.
    Through strength, I gain power.
    Through power, I gain victory.
    Through victory, my chains are broken.
    Shadowlands TWs shall free me
  • :D :D beautiful, I have nothing to add or follow up a post that epic!
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