Shadowlands: 147-189M, TW Focused Alliance (EDT/PDT/GMT)



  • I've been a member of shadowlands Vanguard since the first week in june 2018
    I've been around in many alliances over the last couple years, looking for the perfect group of players to call my team.
    Never have I found a more competent group of officers and players alliance wide.
    All tribes working as one for a common goal.
    From the fattest whales down to the lowest GP f2per everyone is on equal planes because of the effort from leadership.
    Communication is thorough and widespread. We always have an officer available for DM's .
    at most times you can find top players in the voice chat just looking for a reason to talk shop!
    I never feel like anyone is left behind.
    I am honored to be apart of this system and play with this group of special players.


  • I started out in the Shadowlands nearly a year ago this month. The amount of knowledge that has been shared and how much our guild has improved in all aspects of the game can only be attributed to not only the wealth of knowledge but the willingness to share and help one another out!

    Hop into our server and see what the Shadowlands could do for you!
  • Man I love the Shadowlands! Great coordination in our TB. We’re a well oiled machine!!
  • Come join us in shadowlands!
  • Still a few spots left come one come all !!!!!
  • A different experience from all other alliances. Come see the difference
  • Whazn
    232 posts Member
    Come join in on some grand arena strategy crafting before it's too late!
  • We want YOU!

    Sign up today.
  • This is hands down the best alliance out there for swgoh. Everyone is like family and the knowledge here is unmatched. Chat with us to see if you’ll be a good fit ;)
  • Wonder how cubbie feels today after snacking on a ghost pepper??
  • If you want to full learn how to play the game we have all the resources to do so. We many tribes that will teach u the ways of Shadowlands. Come check us out and you won’t regret it.
  • Join the best Alliance in the Galaxy of heroes !!!!
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