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  • You were a little conservative with the difficulty tuning. This was probably done to avoid the already angry forums. I would’ve been fine with more of a challenge, but this was almost like a longer marquee event in that regard.

    Otherwise the event was great. Good dialogue and character design. I know some people are complaining about the rewards, but they exceeded my expectations.
  • I liked the event and had fun playing with the Old Republic characters. I also think the rewards were generous for the difficulty level. And I like that this event seems to have been tuned for newer players considering how popular Revan is.

    I still have one more tier to complete to unlock Revan so maybe this is coming: I would have liked to see parts of the event locked behind creative ability use (see: Old Ben in the CLS Hero's Journey). For instance, T5 is easier with Direct Focus and can still be beat without it. Instead, a boss with a non-dispellable taunt that doesn't take damage until another toon(s) is killed could force players to use Marked.

    With that said, I would have loved the event if it could have incorporated the details in Crumbs post here: https://forums.galaxy-of-heroes.starwars.ea.com/discussion/185263/legend-of-the-old-republic-event-guide

    A few cut scenes and a bit more dialogue would have been great. And if there were a way to skip the dialogue and cut scenes I'd love it if each tier were a two to five minute 'episode' that told part of the larger story.

    Mechanics: very well done, A-
    Story and Flair: D
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    From what I experienced so far from the event, I kinda expected better?

    Being a kotor fan for years it was already disheartening that the Gamechangers didn't even know Kotor Lore, so as they were showcasing the event they didn't even know what was going on or who was what or what the sith ghost was or anything.

    The only good piece of kit that I got was the mk5 droid callers, because that's only from Rancor, but still should have been a full piece, seems weird to have an event that actually gives us worse rewards then the Jango Marque did. Tier 3 rewards? what, lol.

    I do see this as one giant marque too, it plays almost exactly like one. Only you don't get to unlock the toon unless you pay.

    The fights were a bit too on the easy side, could take out Revan and they would feel much more balanced, essentially most of them can be duo'd with just Bast and Revan, you don't even need the other 4.... I mean you don't really get good explanations for things anyway.

    If you want to add actual lore and story to the game.. then DO IT. like actually do it. Make us sit through 5minute animations of the lore, showcase new characters, have some fun, show some effort. Show that peoples money is actually going towards something and not just copy and paste fights.

    Don't care about gear requirements and star requirements and just do a lore based event where everyone can get involved. But I guess that's too much wishful thinking :)
  • I don’t like the story it follows... It should have followed the game and been about facing Malak
    (Final tier looks good tho)

    And why do they always use the siths from the old republic rpg that takes place around 300 years later?

    A waste.. Both in gameplay and rewards.
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    Some genuine feedback regarding the Ancient Journey event

    1. The Rancor Battle Tier 1: I think it was a missed opportunity to not allow an auto-win ability to Mission if she is under stealth to mimic the events of the game where you can battle the Rancor hardway or cop out using Stealth and planting explosives

    2. It would be nice if Tier 2 didn't include Bastilla as a party member but the last phase involves us attacking her cell she was locked up under like the other NPCs of past events like shipment crates and whatnot we used to have a long time ago

    3. Tiers 3,4,5 -- I think it would've been very cool if you introduced Darth Malek in the event even if its just an event only boss, and provided some backstory about Revan to new players or stuff like that. Not including Darth Malak when he informs player that he is Revan was a very huge missed opportunity and a cool battle for maybe having all 5 of them 5 stars

    4. Tarentatek battle was great and well done


    The Rewards were really bad. It didn't feel as good as Rey's. I think you should've given 100 crystals on each tier completion and should've been as graceful as Marquee+ rewards

    Tier 1 had great rewards, Tier 2 was meh because the Tank Exclusive rewards are something everyone has 100s of and is never much used by characters (I barely see any toons require Tank gear). Tier 3 was just bad. Purple mats are boring rewards . A full carb, stun gun, and stun cuff would've been better

    5 zetas was good and 10 omegas are boring. There is an omega crunch so it was nice to get some but for having worked hard to level those toons up it was not fruitful. Like I said earlier, some 100 crystals would be nice but also with those 10 omegas I think you should've given 6 5A mods of each type (square, arrow, cross, triangle, diamond, circle) of CD or CC or Speed or anything that isn't a health set

    Last tier rewards was pretty awful. It was just 15 salvage gear. Its just a carrot in front of a hook which was a pretty awful way to reward your loyal customers. Just more incentive to spend. It was really a slap in the face to those who dropped 100s of dollars. You should've given a full 20 salvage piece, AND 50 of each. You should provide enough rewards to take a 5A to 6E. Honestly I don't understand why you guys are being stingy. Its just bad customer service and its belittling the people. It doesn't hurt to be generous.

    The rewards were very insulting and really ruined most of the event for me
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    Gamorrean wrote: »
    I don’t like the story it follows... It should have followed the game and been about facing Malak
    (Final tier looks good tho)

    And why do they always use the siths from the old republic rpg that takes place around 300 years later?

    A waste.. Both in gameplay and rewards.

    This is something I don't understand much as to why they are doing it, it might be cause of a lack of assets but really, sure Kotor 1 and 2 happen close enough in the timelimes for them to be able to blend them in this game, but stuff from the MMO-SWTOR, really should be kept separated.
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    I think you just threw the raid sith in the garbage. Traya is not viable anymore at arena. After 6 moths farming different teams to get the strongest hero in the game u came with a cash Marquee event to put all the effort asides. Good job!

    U need to think more how you do release changing meta content, cause there's non sense in wasting more time or effort to get traya if I can simply farm 5 **** chars to take the new strongest hero ...
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