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Looking for my discord shard chat. My name in game is Noah Scape, current first place is Endler I4PDAI.

Second place is vA TonyMontana.

Discord name Noah Scape 6916. I’m currently eating led 36 on my shard.


  • It might help to post the names and guilds of the top 10-20 in your shard, it'll increase the chances that someone that reads this will know someone.
  • nope not normal at all, our chat has gave a truce to a few snipers but they were still able to get a rotation payout while they proved for a week or so that they were not going to snipe before they joined the chat. a month is a bit excess
  • Every shard chat is different, having a break in period is pretty normal. Doing what you did only serves to paint a target on your back. Doesn’t make much sense to me. A month is long, sure, but likely would have been cut short if you would have played along and shown to be a good sport and a solid addition to the shard chat (helping to defend other members payouts for example).
  • The shard chats (both fleet and squad) I run are pretty live and let live. The people in the individual payouts determine what to do about rotations/free-for-all. But typically even the FFA are met with gentlemen's agreements of not knocking each other out of top 5, for example.

    It's all very civil. There's no "dues" to pay and no enemies lists. We have people that are kinda annoying that aren't in the chat, sure, and we will help to protect our fellow shardmates during their payouts, but we don't go out of our way to make things difficult for anyone not in the chat - that's just petty. I always make an active effort to find and recruit people - once they're in we are all the more happy for it and we treat them like they've always been there.

    So, in my limited experience, it's not normal. Your shard chat sounds like it's being run by someone who is desperately trying to exercise every last ounce of power that they have to keep things "in control" or something =P.
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    I’ll guve u some insight on chard chat because I guess u could consider anytime u message someone in ur shard that. It’s purpose is to eliminate issues so players don’t waste fights. In my early shard there is a separation players that can beat bosk ship created by whale and those that can’t. It’s a short list 2 at the moment. But I message someone because they were wasting my fights when they were at 4 going to one to resolve a issue go to for 1 stop wasting my fights. Because the alternative would be me beating during their shard time or not right after and I would still have a fight left to go to one during mine. But if u can’t compete would be no reason to chat if someone wasn’t able to compete and they disrespected me by lowering me outside of 4 because they couldn’t beat anyone higher I would beat back shard time or not to send a message get better or waste ur fights. And anyone higher is usually the bosk lol it’s purpose should never be help me stay at my rank that’s ur own job and I look down on any such chat
  • I’d say waiting a week would have more than sufficed. If they don’t want to play ball then it’s obviously going to be their loss.
  • Noahscapes wrote: »
    So I was finally contacted by my shard after taking first 5 days in a row and “causing damage”... they required that I take nothing higher than 4th for a month before I get to “join the rotation”...

    This is not what I thought shard chats would be about.

    Every shard imposes different rules. All the shard chats im in (have an alt, so 2 fleet 2 squad) let each payout decide, so it is highly possible this is decided by ur payout only.

    U have two options, accept it and let it be, or refuse, tell them u want the rotation right away and start taking 1 everyday. Depends on what u want really.
  • If you'd have accepted the terms to get your foot in the door, then been helpful protecting/locking or hitting other non-alliance, I'd bet your 30-days would have been lessened. They just are wanting to make sure people are serious about being part of a team and not just looking for an easy way to only help themselves.
  • If you can take 1st every day at payout does it matter if they take you in or not :))

    I have been trying to find my shard mates everywhere only found 1 we sit at top 5 which is fine so I am trying to actually create one even though for us 2 it doesn’t really matter.
    I have payouts of couple other people but I don’t actively interact with them.
    There are have been sniping attempts so we lock each other but it is such a hassle. I’d rather take #5 with no hassle then #3 or #2 with possibility of sniped out of top 5.
    Wish you were in my shard...
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