Fleet shop and guild event store inventory...

As it was mentioned a while back that cantina, galactic war, and squad arena shops were not getting any new inventory what about fleet and guild event stores? As of now I have been focusing on farming Zetas from fleet shop and high level gear from the guild event store but I feel that the inventory in these shops has become stagnant. No new ships in fleet and the same useless characters in guild event shop has made it rather disappointing to bother saving up for shards or ships when nothing in the shops are worth the trouble. I mean heck the guild store gets more new inventory then the ships and guild event store.


  • Nauros
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    I have a suspicion that these stores are dead too, but I hope to be proven wrong. It's especially weird in the case of the fleet store, considering how desperately ships need more diversity. Adding new ships to hard nodes which compete with high-value characters definitely won't diversify fleet arena below top 20...
  • Kyno
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    They can have things added, so dont go crazy, but no need to keep a bunch extra around as they will not get a huge influx.
  • Options
    The biggest issue I have more or less is the guild event store. With mostly just hermit Yoda and the other beast (can't remember its name) to go after and high level gear what good is the rest of the inventory? I mean I dont recall seeing anything new added to it in forever and unless players are completetionists and want to finish off some random characters the inventory is just pathetic. You'd think the dev's would add characters to the store that were needed for the events but instead we get garbage toons that no one uses or have been around for a long time
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