Revan adds balance to the game

So unlocking and g12+ ing my Revan ...I saved everything for him. I was doing arena testing and I have to say I feel the game is really heading in a rock paper scissors balance direction. Everyone in an uproar over revan this revan that meta thia meta that, I feel the devs goal is to have thinks that work against and things that don't especially with other game modes. He seems to be universally good in most game modes whereas say Traya is not that great in raids. Kinda happy I'm seeing teams beating him on offense and sometimes defense depending on player, mods, etc. Revan clearly counters Traya which was needed but there were other Traya bearing teams that got crushed on defense and Revan wont get crushed but is beatable. Over all I'm seeing better pvp balance then most console games. Great kit, great event would love to replay it, great art, great animations. Side note those that didnt get 1st time it's not as big a deal as people thought it would be so your good to grind until next time. Darth Revan however...that guy should break the game he should isolate and revive and be stun and daze immune and remove and gain TM. Lol j/k or am I:)
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