Arena Payout Time Changes

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I really feel like the arena payout system is due for a slight change. I know @CG_Carrie had mentioned something about this on one of her other responses (either Reddit or here I can't remember), but I'm not sure who decided that 7PM was the ideal time for arena payout. It interferes with so many different events in a day...dinner, family time, practices, night school....the list could go on and on. It makes it next to impossible to try and compete for top spots when you are always having to consider hiding yourself away from your family to try and earn much needed crystals, or sneaking a phone at work/school. I think its ridiculous to assume that one predetermined time is conducive to everyone that plays the game. Players are able to join guilds that fit into their life for raid times and guild payouts, but have no control over arena times. That being the case I think it would be a good idea to allow people to change their payouts more than just when they move more than 4 (I think??) time zones. I'm not saying to allow people to just arbitrarily change their payout every day because they don't like their payout or it is too crowded, but maybe open it up once every few months to allow people to move if their lifestyle has changed.(For example work schedule change, family needs). Or even just change the global time periodically from 7PM to other times. I know there are a lot of players out there that would like to compete in arena but prioritize family time and real life over their payout times. For them I think this would be a welcome change.
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