What Gear Levels Should I Be Using For Yoda Event?

The title is mostly self explanatory. I am only aiming to beat the first 5 stages of the event not the whole thing. My team is currently all gear 6/7 but I am trying to get them all g7. Will that be enough?


  • Also depends on player level. I beat 7* Yoda with Aayla, Luminara, Kanan, Mace, and Ashoka. All G7 with one G8. Levels from 72-76. No omegas.

    If you're G6-7, Tier 5 should be a breeze. G7 is nice because it's the tier that adds protection for the first time.
  • I agree with the above comments, but wanted to add something. Make sure you mod them if you're going for GMY at 7 star but only staying at gear 7 or 8. Mods make a big difference.
  • By far the easiest of the events. I did it at 7* with no troubles using G8 Kanan/Ezra and G6-7 Old Ben/QGJ/Luminara without having to put arena mods on them.
  • I just beat tier 6 and 7 with below. I had no idea it would be so easy

    Bastilla gear 10 need for Revan anyway / speed 179
    ezra gear 10 / speed 181
    kanan gear 9 / 111
    old ben gear 9 / 112
    luminara gear 9 / speed 118

    Cleared it super easy so i would say gear 7 or 8 squads should clear a 7 star Yoda
    i did not use arena mods
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