Chewbacca Guard

Hi is any else experiencing problems with Chewys guard?
I thought it was supposed to go on the lowest combined health and protection character?
I want it to go on Greedo but it keeps on going on Pao even though he’s now way above combined health n protection.
Can anyone advise?


  • UdalCuain
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    Is Greedo under a Boba lead and gaining health from it?
  • Oh very good point bud cheers for that
  • Hey guys,

    i have the same issue. Boba Lead and Greedo did not get Chewies Protection Buff but Pao gets the Buff. Thats not good in the hSith P3.

    Any advice how Greedo can get Chewies Protection?

    Thx and best Regards
  • Trystan_Spyder
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    Get Greedo's combined health and prot (after modifiers) under Pao's.
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  • I already did, but still Pao gets the Buff

    - Greedo has 20989 Health & 23363 Protection
    - Pao has 23603 Health & 30169 Protection

    In Theory Greedo should get the Buff, but nope :(

    Thx for any advice
  • Greedo gets bonus health from bobas leadership. You have to get that number (after bonuses) below pao
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