Game not working.... [MERGE]


  • An instant Road Ahead post?
  • Ace0187420
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    Steadily costing me, that's multiple arena and fleet battles that I've won only to land on your lost connection crap at the end and the battle to not count.
  • Posts like this are obnoxious.
  • I'm kidding guys

    This is EA we're talking about here

    If anything they will charge you $100 to claim these disconnect rewards and the rewards would be for the $99 crystal pack so they profit an extra $1
  • Clone wars Chewie shards and training droids please
  • UoJCAM
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    I just want the problem to be fixed, regardless of whether they compensate people or not. My guild loses out more than me personally, as some of our members couldn't log in to finish 600. Things happen, let's just hope it is resolved soon.
  • What I would like and what is reasonable to expect are two completely different things.
  • Devian
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    Revan shards
    raid tokens, to compensate disaster that occurred on both raids when few ppl managed to close them, while few had nothing.
    and rolo shards for failed missions
  • Nothing short of a CUP rework, and automatic CW Chewbacca zeta would make up for this!
  • I’m impressed, going on four hours now, and still having issues. Bet there’s a lot of hair pulling and yelling going on at HQ lol
  • 500k credits 1 zeta mat
  • fix this already, always the same.
  • Its still happening. Just beat an ns squad, didnt save, cant get into the game. Much customer experience, such wow.
  • Calm down ppl. The devs have always been good about compensating when something like this happens. Granted it's not usually this long, but have a little faith.

    If you've missed some crystals will go on.
    If you've missed some energy will go on.
    If you've missed a raid today...there will be another one in a day or two... and life will go on.
    If you've lost a tb battle...well, you should've waited until the servers are up and everything is stable for a little while before attempting battles...and life will go on.
    If you've lost an arena or fleet battle...see above statement about tb battles.

    Seriously, enjoy life for a few hours (or heaven forbid a day) without logging in to the game. The devs will have it back up asap and you can go on with your grinds, but for the time being, hang out with family, eat a nice meal, or go outside and do anything.

    Biggest issue with what you said is that a lot of people have invested mini fortunes into this game and have a right to be mad as a result. I for one have not spent a jolly red cent on this game since last December, but others have, so their complaints as paying customers is valid. And just saying, their idea of “significant” or any synonym has proven to be false lol
  • We keep losing battles and progress here and there. This is going to cost..
  • Fix your game. This is getting ridiculous.
  • The crashes continue.
    Lost my payout today.
  • crtxn1 wrote: »
    And still few brainless trying TB missions. Just don't do it for now.

    Some people work and may not have known about the issue.

    Please take your witty banter somewhere else.

    Sorry if my statement wasn't clear. Was meant to people whining here saying they got multiples errors and lost missions and ROLO shards. If one have 1 or 2 errors and and still try to do something valuable in game (specially TB that is not daily) then are subject for crashes during this try.
    >:)So what? I want Krell!
  • It is safe to say that whatever is happening is a major issue on the CG end of things. They will be doing everything they can to fix it... this is costing them money, after all.
  • has there been any updates on how long this might last?
  • Fix your network CG
  • It’s screwing up still. Hurry up and fix your servers.
  • Lol. They merged the random thread on what rewards we'd like (a joking thread) into the mega one.
  • And again the game doesn't even start.
  • 4 hours, and still not fixed....
  • Error 10

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  • Wow, how inept can EA get? 6fk7o93yhnn3.png
  • Yet again during my climb for arena the game is down again.... Plus 8 of my guild mates was doing TB battles and totally list because of this crap :(
  • It's been patchy for hours. Not fixed. Just papered over the cracks
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