Game not working.... [MERGE]


  • It seems like anything putting a load on the game results in it failing. Like going from the main screen to the guild page, etc.. Time to just step back, and let them work. I cancelled raids tonight for our guild. Not risking it.
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  • I would be so curious on the reasons. CG forgot to pay the server bills for an indian company? Did an earthquake shatter the server rooms? Is an angry player punishing CG for their cheap ripoff Revan launch with a DDos attack?
    One can dream..
  • "Seriously, enjoy life for a few hours (or heaven forbid a day) without logging in to the game. The devs will have it back up asap and you can go on with your grinds, but for the time being, hang out with family, eat a nice meal, or go outside and do anything."

    This is the statement of server crash induced lunacy. For the sake of this persons mind, please fix it pronto before he starts spreading more of this nonsense. Go outside? I could be mugged by porgs.
    Be a bold one and take the high ground don’t be uncivilised then they won’t stand (sorry anakin and Maul) a chance
  • Lets give some work for the mods too.
  • NikoSWGoH wrote: »
    Can't you just shut it down till it's fixed? At least we won't lose our time playing for nothing.

    They need to see the game under a load to see if fixes work right.
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  • Missed all the bonus energy from noon - 2 window and now getting kick off and on while trying to climb for arena payout.
  • 3pourr2 wrote: »
    Did you try the thread “game not working”

    Yep it's just saying servers down
  • JaggedJ
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    My game crashed and revan reverted to not activated and I lost all the shards for him as well as the zeta mats, gear and mods with 25+ speed on all the secondaries.

    Please send these missong items to my account by the same name. Much love

    Likewise. My OR toons also mysteriously regressed to less than 7* so that needs fixing too.
  • You understand that servers down means can’t play. . . .
  • My game crashed and revan reverted to not activated and I lost all the shards for him as well as the zeta mats, gear and mods with 25+ speed on all the secondaries.

    Please send these missong items to my account by the same name. Much love

    Lol :smiley:
    I second this even though it's a lie... I'm with this guy lol
  • August :smiley:
  • 3pourr2
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  • 3pourr2
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    This is what happens when a gaming company only has 1 computer.
  • Calm down ppl. The devs are just useless

    Try telling an angry Panamax to calm down.

    That **** filthy right now
  • That east coast climbing time is coming.
  • APX_919
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    "In galactic news, contact with Alderaan has been spotty since 1300 Galactic Standard Time. At last report, a large space station was reported in the area and some suspect it may be the cause of the disruption. The Empire Actuarial Committee on Galactic Affairs (EA/CG) which deals with things such as probabilities of asteroid shards dropping from the skies insists the problem is well in hand and Alderaan is still there.

    An independent report from the nunaball team Rieken's Rebels says they have been unable to compete in their Arena matches scheduled for today. The Alderaan Armada, set to play against Geonosia in the Galactic Polo semifinals, similarly reports problems on the field."
    "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen...mostly"
  • I can’t climb in arena. It’s going to cost me 500 crystals today....
  • I need my 1000 crystals as compensation. My guildmates are getting them because they issue a complaint. My ROLO mission success was not registered!!nqdjfaiim5t1.jpg
  • If there is a silver lining to all this hopefully my arena rank will not drop.
  • Wow rolling straight thru US payout times ....not good.
  • Hellenix from UWOL_Corellia Reporting In:

    Game access... still denied.
    Squad Arena Payout Rank... ruined.
    Mid-day 1pm energy refresh... gone.
    Probability of regaining a decent rank... very low.
    Community outrage in Discord... at a fevered pitch.
    Territory Battles status... entirely unknowable.
    Reports of inability to do 600s... widespread.
    Players willing to "be patient"... not many.
    Quit threats... mounting.
    All hope... seems lost.

    Awaiting further instructions.
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  • I was in earlier, but the game crashed out when I was doing a TB battle, and I didn't get credit for the waves I beat. :( Oh well.
  • Mandalorian hackers are trying to influence the Old Republic midterm elections with a DDOS attack on the holotables.
  • I have a solution guys!

    I had a dig around in my attic and found a ZX Spectrum (256K!!!!!!!), we can run the game from that at 1000% more efficiency than EA servers.

    I have a spare Colecovision too.......but no good shall come from switching that on.
    Hey, it's still better than MSF
  • This is a list of demands for compensation
    20k crystals
    20 million credits
    60 zeta matt
    100 omega matt
    1000 purple mats
    10 full stun guns
    10 full carbanti
    330 chewy shards

    I expect these to be in my inbox by the end of the day or it will be class action.
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    My ROLO mission success was not registered !!! Douglas Mortimer from Quebec Force Sith. That's bad, that's realy bad for my team. :-(
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    We were planning on doing our first serious Heroic Sith attempt tonight. Looks like we've got the night off instead!
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  • Still FUBAR?
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