In game issues since yesterday

Hi Admins,

Yesterday I experienced several connectivity issues, which correlate to your post in Announcements. Unfortunately this happened during the last phase of HAAT which was very unfortunate, anyways that aside, after that there were several more connectivity issues, which have since seem to be resolved.

HOWEVER, it has been over 12 hours and I have yet to receive my payout from the raid!!! I have a ticket open with EA still and would like to know if others have had a similar issue and if so, when will it be fixed.

It is very unfortunate as there have been a few items in the guild store I have wanted to get and am still waiting on the payout.



  • Yea tell that to people who had payouts been 1pm and 2pm and giving everyone 250. Sucks even more for the peeps that aren’t in the shard payout or isn’t allowed in it. *slap*
  • Kyno
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