Clone Wars 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars is celebrating its 10th anniversary! We’re big fans here at Capital Games so we’ve brought some exciting things to spice up the party. Over the course of the month of November we will be celebrating with Jedi Knight Anakin’s Starfighter, limited time bonuses for Territory Wars, and the much awaited… Clone Wars Helmets!!!

Jedi Knight Anakin’s Starfighter
The undisputed best starfighter pilot in the galaxy finally has his ship! Anakin Skywalker can now pilot his Eta-2 Starfighter with its signature yellow accents. Anakin’s Eta-2 is an aggressive Jedi Attacker that bolsters a Galactic Republic fleet's offense and retaliates when allies are in trouble. Check out his full kit here!

Clone Helmets
The much request helmets are here! Clone Troopers are always prepared for combat, so they will now don their protective headgear in battle.

Clone Wars - Territory War Special Event!
The Clone Wars era comes to the Territory Wars Holotable! For a limited time, all Territory War bonuses have been changed. Read on to see the full list of changes, and be prepared for a fun experience in your guild’s next Territory War…

Bonuses: The following characters have specific passive bonuses and effects. For complete details, check out the details panel in Territory Wars.

  • Mace Windu
  • General Grievous
  • Mystery Bonuses: Two characters (one Galactic Republic and one Separatist) have mystery bonuses you will only learn about when you enter your next Territory War.


Mace Windu:
  • Battle-Attuned Master of the Force - Mace Windu has +100% Max Health, +480% Max Protection, +100% Counter Chance, and is immune to Shock, Daze and Stun. Additionally, when attacking Sith with his basic attack Mace deals +1000% damage, and Inflict Expose on all enemies for 2 turns whenever he takes damage. If Jango Fett has Expose, Mace Windu's attacks will instantly defeat him (Damage Immunity does not prevent this effect).

General Grievous:
  • General of the Droid Army - General Grievous has +300% Offense. At the start of each turn, if Grievous is below 100% Health, he dispels all debuffs on himself and grants Taunt to the other healthiest Droid ally until the end of the turn. When a Droid ally is defeated for the first time in battle, Grievous dispels all debuffs on himself, resets all ability cooldowns, and gains 3 bonus turns.

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