It's amazing

How poor these final phases are built. You constantly load the platoons with p2p ships and chars, making the final phase that much harder, then you stack each round with the 3 commander circle ****. Can't even get a turn in sometimes, 4 bonus attacks each turn, buffs with full tm, 5 stacks of protection-up + auto taunt. I mean, based on recent events it seems your play testing had basically gone away, but it's almost like you don't even care anymore unless people are shelling out $300 bucks a month. 1 commander is annoying, 2 is a huge pain in the final phase, 3 is almost unplayable.


  • I was just about to walk away from the game when they introduced the feature where you pick your payout time. It seems they do just barely enough to keep us on the hook. But even that might not be enough if this platoon crap keeps up. We are a 180 million GP guild, and we can't fill a single platoon in phase 6. Not 1.
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