Nov Palpatine Event

With Palpatine coming up in late November I was wondering if someone more experienced at this than I could look at my Phoenix team and give me any feedback.

I'm hoping to make a full 7* PS by then but honestly I'm not sure I can earn enough Kanan shards to make it. That being said, is my team OK for at least the 6* EP?

Thanks in advance!


  • You'll 6* for sure. G8 and 7* with even garbage mods will net you a 7* Palp.
  • The events is one of the oldest ones, and therefore isn't overly difficult. You're gear should be fine for 6, or even 7 if you can get them up in time. The only thing you might need to do is add some speed
  • Thanks! I did some math and I think I can get Kanan should only take 10 days to get to 7*. I should be able to 7* everyone by the start of the event.

    Is this an event that needs lvl 80? 85?
  • Vendi1983
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    80 is nice but not necessary. It's the sharing of uniques that make Phoenix tick, so the closer you get to maxing those out the better.

    I beat 7* with a ragtag bunch of Rebels:

    ST Han

    Only was between level 76-80 at the time. Not the best mods either.
  • Thanks all for the advice. I'm rockin me a 7* EP now.
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