how to send ally invites to players by player name

i'm trying to send ally requests to some players i encountered in tw. when i'm in the "invite allies" window, my only options are "Enter Ally Code Here.", or by email or fb. is there another way to look these players up directly? or is it possible to look them up by ally code during tw?


  • Kyno
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    It is only possible to add another player with their ally code or if you battle them in arena. There is no player search.
  • After you enter the ally code you can hit search for them, idk why you would need email or FB. Their profile should come up after you search.
  • Oh, if you don’t have their ally codes your best shot is googling the guild and putting in your search. See if any of them have profiles, and if any have included their ally code.
  • is a site where a bunch of players have synced their account. Chances are likely that some people you're looking for have an account, and it's possible that they've added their ally code.
  • Sunnie1978
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  • does the ".gg" mean anything special? i'm just curious what that is exactly

    gg = good game, from many online games.
    However, gg domain belongs to territory of
    Guernsey which is dependancy of United Kingdom.

    Not all countries/territories let their domains be available for “outsiders”, but Guernsey apparently does and makes $$ off of it.

    There are many others .tv .io .md
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