Best Resistence Team - (who to farm with cantina tokens)

Do you guys know the best resistance team? Because I have just finished farming FOO and I have no clue who to farm next - im stuck between finishing the last 60 of fives, farming daka (i dont have ns squad, have started getting ventress shards from cantina) and poe. I dont really need daka or fives but im wondering wether I even need poe -

AKA is he in the 'best' resistance team?

I assume RJT is best leader but who else? And also ideally a replacement for R2 as he could be used in rebel teams.

Thanks yall!


  • This is a bit of a complicated question, but the short answer is that zFinn is one of the best offensive leaders in the game and requires Poe and RT to function. The other two can be mostly anyone, but RP and ScavRey are common fourth and fifth members.
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    Resistance has two amazing leader: JTR and Finn. zFinn is also fantastic.(JTR is better but.. still amaaaaaaaazing!)

    Poe is crucial on zFinn team.
    If there are no expose by his taunt, then you lose. You can’t win. But if there are lots of expose, then you can beat even traya team.

    In TB, JTR+BB+R2 are fixed.
    With zFinn, this is the best choice except those three: zFinn Poe RTroop RPilot w/ nest or Rey.

    Farming Poe is recommended.
  • Ok, I'll start farming POE, thanks for the help!
  • It's not a full resistance squad but I've been using jtr,bb8,r2, old ben and nest in tw and they work great
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