google play not connecting to swgoh

Hello. Im currently wondering if anyone else if having a fail to log into google play please check your connection issue. im connected to the internet and also have tried using my mobile hot spot and i still have the same issue. i believe it is a google account issue because i have also tried to link my account through using the bluestacks emulator but still i am having the same results. has anyone else had this problem and or have a fix for it if so any info would be very appriciated


  • Had the same issue for the last day. I tried blue stacks too, and different google play accounts. Other games sign into google play though, it's only swgoh I'm having to problem with. Connection issues have been awful for weeks now tho, constantly getting signed out while playing.
  • Me too Pokemon game working not swgoh
  • Having the same troubles...did you get it fixed?
  • No, been going on three days now.
  • when my google play store updated it worked went from update 12.3.19 to 12.3.30 and now it's working so check the updates if that might be the problem
  • In was on level 85 had to reboot phone . Game stayed on the phone but started me all over.
  • Help
  • Did anyone ever find a fix to this fault as it has now happened to me for 7 days (July 2019)
  • malster017 wrote: »
    Did anyone ever find a fix to this fault as it has now happened to me for 7 days (July 2019)

    Try turning off wifi on your phone. If it starts to work, you might need to reboot wifi router or modem in your home (assuming that's where you're having issues.)

    If on Android device, force stop game. Settings -> Apps -> Heroes -> Force stop.

    Those are the two solutions that have worked for me in the past.
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