Remove Dengar!


Dengar is in TWO slots in crystal shipments, plus the guild store. In shipments, he shares the same slot/rotation with:


That’s a 1/5 chance of getting Jango to show up. Nobody needs Dengar this badly, he’s ancient, please fix this!


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    This is not a mistake. Refreshes cost money. The less odds you have of finding what you want, the more time it will take. There's a natural breaking point of willingness to spend on refreshes vs. waiting, and that's where they want you to be.
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    Honestly before the chewie event there were plenty of people complaining that Dengar didn't show up in the guild shipments often enough because there were too many characters in rotation with him, so clearly there are some people who still need him. Not everyone has been playing for multiple years and has kept up to date with all the releases.

    I'd agree that he's the least needed out of the BHs to be in the crystal shipments as he's been farmable from a store for a while, but as said above, it's not a mistake. They don't want people to get the character shards they want in the store every time the store refreshes because they want people to wait or pay to expedite the process.
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    I desperately need Dengar in my life.
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