How to avoid the locked debbuf

Hi, i tried to do some phase of the haat but until i can finish atack me and set me the locked debbuf, the thing i cant understand is in P3 set me at the minute 12´

What im doing wrong?

Hola, estoy tratando de solear las fases del haat pero no llego a derrotarlo y me deja el debbuf fijo y me mata, entiendo que el tiempo limite son 20 o 25 minutos pero al minuto 12 me deja el debbuf, que estoy haciendo mal?

Agradezco cualquier ayuda,

I appreciate any help


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    It's not based on minutes, it's based on the enrage counter. Anyway i think that's what you're asking
  • HK666
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    Enrage hits after the tank gets it's 15th turn, which pretty much means your toons are gonna die in the enxt few turns

    if you got an actual timer, than you were doing heroic and ran out of time to complete it
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    No tiene nada que ver con el tiempo, el tanque tiene un medidor que va de 15 a 0, cuando se "Enfurece" (si no lo acabas rapido o si no escapas, al estar enfurecido, el tanque te destrozará)
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