CG strikes again... Celebration??!!


  • This was just a attempt to get ppl to buy the mod energy pack from the store. The pack ran out b4 the event started so CG hoped that ppl would buy this pack in hopes of getting several GG, jango, and GK shards to only find out it really wasn't worth buying the mod energy pack.
  • Ryche
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    18 missions. 1 shard drop for a Geonosian. Drop rates sucks. If you set your expectations very very very very low, the events are meh.
    I actually just really stop paying attention to the events when bonus drops come up.
  • 25 attempts. 1 CW Chewie, 1 Poggle, 1 Ima Gunna Die, and 1 Jango.

    Hey, that's one less Jango shard I have to farm later! Worth it.
  • not worth it... Too many useless/already farmed toons and a few good ones which only have a (very)small chance to get 1 shard.

    Useless???! I know free stuff is free stuff, but this?? And not even any reworks, when its all characters who needs it...

    I guess Revan has to be Ruler #1 a couple more months before we see a change.

    Get yourselfs together, game is becoming dull
  • Seems to me that with every character they add to a node, the shard drops get worse.

    It's like the RNG is making up for such a wonderful drop rate that we got with KRU and his ship. KOTOR toons, some days I do the 8 and get 1 or zero shards. Yes, a couple days I've gotten 4 or 5 shards of that 8, but I don't see a 30% drop rate from character shards happening. I also refresh on cantina at least once a day but I've just started working on T3M4 to 6* since a couple weeks before the Revan event.

    All my KOTOR are up to 5* but it's very slow going.
  • I think it is the weakest bonus rewards during my playtime, probably not worth announcing it
  • kalidor
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    I always welcome bonus shards, because farming boost or shard currency, but I don't think this "event" is good enough to make up for the lack of real events this weekend. If they'd chosen half a dozen characters to drop then maybe it'd be more exciting. But "sim nodes as event replacement" isn't really much fun.
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  • So it comes down to this. Farm your normal farm for mod salvage. Any character shards you get are a bonus, whatever they may be. Why go out of your way to farm mod salvage if you don’t need or want it over using the crystal refresh on hard nodes and cantina?
  • I’ve been doing my regular MOD battles for slicing. I’ve gotten a few shards that I need but mostly ones I don’t. No biggie, it’s all bonus. However, most people are saying they at least get shard store credit, but I don’t seem to get any Shard Store credit for those from the event.

    Am I the only one that’s happening to?
  • No judgement but I’m loving the Celebration. vtf8e2ftjrw3.png
    I guess it is one more Shard than I would’ve gotten before so worth it?
  • Vendi1983 wrote: »
    Literally nothing makes the players happy.

    Clone Helmets
    Bonus drops
    Glitch rewards
    Server issue rewards...

    You're getting the same great drop rates on mod salvage and character shards added in. I've spent about 2 refreshes so far on Stage 9 and received about 5 shards (2 Kenobi too!). Better than the 0 I got for several months when there weren't bonus drops.

    If they hand me a free sack and it is filled with dog poo I should be happy for getting a big sack of dog poo?

    After 5 refreshes I got no GG shards, 2 Jango Fett shards which equates to basically nothing and then about 5 other random shards of 7* toons.

    I wasn't doing it for the shards, I am doing some slicing, but as to their CW promotion with this event, it equates to a big bag of free dog poo.

  • Boofpoof
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    I banked about 3 days worth (max is 1000). Out of 840 energy I got ONE Jango shard to drop. And CW Chewie shards. Really CG???

    Bring forth the celebration. One drop of the 3 mentioned. Mere words can not contain my elation for this!
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  • This is a little less impressive than the 40$ Obama gave us after raising taxes.
  • I play the game because i like. Why do so many people seem to hate every aspect of the game, yet continue to play it?
  • I play the game because i like. Why do so many people seem to hate every aspect of the game, yet continue to play it?

    There's always someone saying something like this in every complaint thread and it's hardly a valuable contribution. Thing is, this thread is complaining about one aspect of the game (not even a part of the game, but a supposed 'bonus' event). Maybe people are complaining about this because they also like the game and are disappointed with a pretty lackluster event that they have spent over a week preparing for and getting excited about.
  • I got two Embo and five Kit Fisto (a character I don't have at 7* yet) shards, as well as about five more shards of characters I'm done with. This is on top of the Brain In A Jars that I need for more T6 mods.

    Bunch of free stuff alongside the things I've been farming the whole time? Great event, in my opinion.
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  • It's typical cg/ea stunt to get crystal purchases for energy refills. Only one I need is jango. I don't mind the shards for shard shop but you get so few it's not worth the hype.
  • Gorem
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    I wasn't really believing peoples bad luck until I saw it for myself, 20 sims, no shard drops. I was like, Hah, so it can happen.

    Maybe its like hard node farming and we should be doing it 3 at a time for different rng rolls?
  • I started playing right after the 1 year anniversary. I have all but 19 characters at 7*. I was excited too about this until it actually started. After seeing all the possibilities and knowing my luck, I knew I wouldn't get lucky enough to get useful shards and I was right. I've gotten the 5 shard reward twice. Both times it was the Geonosians. I've gotten several individual shards but only 1 Embo, 1 Jango, and 0 Aurra, which are the only 3 I need. I've bought 3 energy refreshes the past 2 days and I will most likely buy 3 tomorrow, but it was such a waste of crystals compared to the amount of shard shop currency received. There are way too many possibilities for characters that a lot of people already have 7*. And don't even get me started on the actual drop rates for the shards...
  • Sewpot
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    The drop rates are on par with other drop rates in the game.
    So you can call them atrocious lol.
  • It’s completely fine. It’s the “celebration” the anniversary of the Clone Wars animated series deserved.
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    These are some of my drops this weekend for the bonus shards. It's definitely helping along some of my farms.
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