Reinvent Arena. It's time.



  • I agree with the sentiment. Lately, between the redundancy of Revan, Traya, Revan, Traya, ad nauseum and timing out over a third of the time, I am finding arena a chore aa opposed to a fun game mode.

    While I certainly agree with Ultra's fear (if we ask CG to "fix" it, they'll just make it worse) - the general experience needs to change.
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  • I honestly wish that there was some sort of in-Guild Arena where we could select a friend to challenge and then face off against their squad, either live or remote. Another idea that I have that could be cool if developed would be a training arena where you can face off against your own characters controlled remotely, and it would cost nothing at all..basically just a fun way to test your characters and have fun when you run out of stuff to do.
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