Weekly Shipments - Updated...But Not Really?

So the weekly shipments updated this morning. And are EXACTLY the same as last week. First off, I guess the question is, is that WAI?

If it is, some feedback: that pretty much stinks. First off, there are only 2 characters available - and one is easily farmable and most probably already have Anakin at 7 stars...but you already know that. Second, I get the Clones love - the new change, a hint at a rework, etc. But the g12+ gear you have in there isn't for the clones. Only 1 of them even uses the mk12 furnace. C'mon man, at least try at this game.

Or when you actually get around to the "Road Ahead" at least update the name to "Weakly Shipments", ;)
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  • TVF
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    This isn't the first week it repeated.

    The worst part is that there used to be three slots for credits, now there's two. That's the part I'm most concerned about repeating.
  • They seem to be changing it every two weeks
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