For the next new characters please include...

A Dark Side Healer!
I think the dark side could really use better healer options. Talia is not a great healer, and from the times I have borrowed Daka I have not been impressed with her either. The DS needs someone like Luminaria: easily farmable via galactic battles and a good heal that doesn't drain her life. Ideas for said healer would include: Darth Traya, First Order Medic, Snoke?, or Plageus. I have had no issues getting three stars on LS battles, but with the DS it is tough to keep all the people alive without reliable healing.


  • Agreed on this as well. They could also buff the talia heal to not hurt so bad. Talia plus daka is ok but then you aren't hitting as hard as a team. The combo of rare heals and weak tanks on the DS is a bad one. This really only affects me in pve though.
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