Greedo H/P in hSTR Bounty and the Beast

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Hey all, we're attempting to beat hSTR for the first time again tonight and I have a question about Bounty and the Beast. I have my toons modded (hopefully) correctly, my only concern is that my Greedo is only G11 and has just 34k Health/Protection. Is this enough or will he get flattened? My next highest is Boba at 41k, so I do have some room, but even to add a little more I will have to sacrifice some offense.
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  • SonofRambo
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    That should be fine. My Greedo is only g11 and about 33k total Health/Protection and he survives. You might not make it past many rounds after stand alone expires but that doesn’t really matter. Aslong as you trigger the payout Greedo heals himself with counterattack’s

    Good luck, we just passed HSTR for first time last weekend and are currently on our 2nd one. My beauty and beast team did 3.6mil
  • TVF
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    Awesome, thanks!
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