Double Drops or Bust

I've noticed a few times in the past year we've gotten "bonus drops," while it has been quite a long time since we've gotten double drops. I'm worried that this indicates the new normal, where so called "bonus drops" will forever replace double drops going forward. As most anyone can plainly see, "bonus drops" are nearly worthless with regard to completing farming goals, as you can't focus farm like you could previously. While some may criticize me for complaining about "bonus drops" using the logic that any free stuff is better than no free stuff, you have to realize that we are not comparing this situation to "no bonus drops," we are comparing it to the double drops which have been the bonus we've seen many time in the past. If this is the new policy, then it signifies yet another change which hurts the player base at a time when goodwill towards EA/CG is justifiably in very short supply. Honestly, "bonus drops" are worth basically nothing to any longtime player who has most of the toons. With that in mind, I don't even regard them as a bonus, it amounts to a handful of shard shop currency (which I literally won't even notice, as I have over 10k saved up), plus possibly 5 shards of a character I don't have but may or may not want (even if I am actively farming that character, it won't be a significant number of shards so who cares) . So maybe I'm just a whining baby, but I need to express the opinion while that these drops are supposedly meant to be a gift to players, they actually constitute the opposite if they are replacing something which was valuable.
TLDR: if "bonus drops" are replacing double drops for the foreseeable future, then this is a bonus middle finger to the players.
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