Maul and Obi Wan art

Probally doesnt matter since i have little evidence but this was my idea, the actual picture which looks like crap, and i have screen shots of me sending the picture to a couple friends. Not only didnt i draw it first but when a few people asked, "how would you blend the lightsabers?" I replied blend them white. tmz7auqwyuin.jpg
I know its not my company but id kinda like something?
The original plan was i was gonna go get a tatoo of this on my back left shoulder. But now im kinda annoyed, while i do still want the tatoo. I understand that it is something that makes since to make, thats why i wanted the tatoo after seeing something similar in the maul comic.
But the timing?
I drew this up last month showed it to a few friends, have the screen shot of me sending it. And i have explained it to a few people before hand as it has been an idea for a couple years.
I was hoping to get something?
Dont really care, and wont do anything as i know it wont have an effect and it was probally just chance. I really do love Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes, it got me through a very hard time and i love Star Wars in general, while i do very much hate The Last Jedi, i would never skip out on a film or any other content. Now i was hoping that perhaps i can get something help my sorrow, maybe a 7* traya ;), or like a sponscered tatoo, or maybe just a pat on the back and a standing ovation. The fact of the matter is i want to be more involved in the community of SWGOH. And with the rise of the new game mode and Kotor characters what ever your reply is wont matter, but it would be kind of nice to see company i respect as much actually acknowlegde a fan.
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